3 Outdoor Gear Favorites That Scoff at Cold Weather

Three outdoor gear favorites that will keep you outside, no matter what the thermometer says.

Why should a little cold weather keep you from enjoying the outdoors? It won’t, thanks to these warm — and sustainable — products. Here are three outdoor gear favorites that will keep you laughing at the cold.

Original Puffy Blanket by Rumpl

It’s like your sleeping bag and down jacket had a child. Lightweight, easy to stash and carry for wraparound warmth anywhere. It’s perfect for backyard bonfires, camping trips or cozying up on the couch or beside the fireplace. From $129.

Find It: Mountain Chalet, REI, Title Nine

The Boulder by EcoVessel

The removable strainer is perfect for infusing tea or fruit. Triple insulation technology keeps it hot for 10 hours, cold for 48. From $27.

Find It: Sportsman’s Warehouse, Sprouts

Bison Puffer Jacket by United by Blue

The sustainable 50/50 bison fiber and recycled polyester insulation reuses shed and shorn bison hair discarded by ranchers. Bonus: For every product sold, the B Corp removes 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways. From $188.

Find It: REI

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