5 Food Trucks Worth Finding

The local food truck scene keeps rolling, bringing delicious and diverse cuisine to new locations all over the city. Here are some best bets to go try now—and how and where to find them. 

The rise of the gourmet food truck is a great addition to the current food-as-pleasure craze we are seeing in the U.S. Food trucks are popping up all over the country to serve great food to their communities. Colorado Springs included. With a surprising amount of food truck diversity, you can find everything from authentic tacos to wood-fired pizza to Cambodian and Cuban. Here are five trucks worth tracking down—and your most reliable source for finding them.  


Never had Cambodian? Awaken will enlighten you with ingredients like pickled green papaya, which adds a lightness and texture to beautifully layered food. If you’re a fan of Thai cuisine, Awaken is a must. 

How They Roll: Awaken offers Cambodian subs, curry and tilapia. Choose chicken or vegan options. Beverages include bubble tea and Cambodian iced coffee.  

What to Get: The Cambodian sub is delightful, and the ingredients are always fresh. I like it with or without the chicken. Get the chicken if you’re really hungry. 

Where to Find: Awaken often can be found at local breweries and events. Follow them on Facebook, where they post weekly schedules:

Potato Potato

Potato Potato (say it po-tA-to po-tAH-to) was one of the first food trucks to show up in the Springs in the post-roach-coach era of food truck culture. Since opening in 2014, owner Kevin Johnson has stayed true to the mission of serving quality food using the spud as the main ingredient.  

How They Roll: Potato Potato uses french fries as a vessel to transport everything from green chili to smoked salmon to your awaiting taste buds.  

What to Get: The poutine is a mainstay and never disappoints. Its cheese curds and gravy are a great compliment to the perfectly cooked fries. But make a point of venturing out and trying other creative offerings, such as the Greek fries or salmon poutine. 

Where to Find: The spud truck is also a brewery and event favorite. For the most up-to-date menus and locations, the best source is the Tatergram posted on Tumbler:

Bison Brothers

Bison Brothers is on a mission to share Colorado-inspired cuisine using, you guessed it, bison meat and other local favorites. The food is great, and they source ingredients through partnerships with Colorado companies, including Growers Organic LLC and Boulder Natural Meats.  

bison brothers food truck
Photo by Jeremy Jones

How They Roll: You’ll find a variety of bison sliders alongside other offerings like quinoa rolls and artichoke dip. Fresh fried potato chips can be added to any dish. And even though bison sliders are the staple, they do have vegan and vegetarian options.  

What to Get: The green chili slider is a must-have, with the green chili bringing a good amount of heat without being over-the-top. Make sure to add the chips to whatever you get—and then add more; they are fried to crunchy perfection. 

Where to Find: You can check out the Bison Brothers story, locations and menu on their website. You’ll also find a reliable schedule on Facebook:

Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza

This one is a unique truck. And, yes, there is indeed a wood-fired pizza oven in the back of the brightly decorated vehicle. Witty’s turns out nice hand-crafted pizzas with a perfect chewy-yet-crisp crust.  

How They Roll: There is a wide range of toppings and combinations, from traditional meat lovers’ pies to chicken bacon ranch and Mediterranean pizzas. Any of the offerings can be made into stromboli or calzones for the same price. Of course, veggie options are available as well. 

What to Get:  The southwestern pizza is a worthy and creative choice with green chili, pulled pork and chipotle cream sauce. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Witty Pork menu choices. And hey, it’s pizza—you can always build your own.   

Where to Find: Both the website and Facebook page are consistent with weekly schedules:

Lucy, I’m Home

Taking a cue from the classic I Love Lucy television show, Lucy, I’m Home serves up Cuban food as authentic as Lucille Ball’s costar and husband Desi Arnaz. And it will have you searching out this truck for future visits. The food is fantastic, and the owners make you feel like you are part of the family. 

lucy i'm home food truck
Photo by Claire Swinford, courtesy of the Downtown Partnership

How They Roll: Selections are solid Cuban fare from classic Cuban sandwiches to empanadas. Items such as hot dogs and sliders also offer nice twists and hybrids of classic Cuban and American food traditions. 

What to Get: The Cubano is a must-have. The pork is juicy, and the mustard and pickles add just enough tanginess to a perfectly pressed sandwich. If you want a little more food, make it a plate; the fried plantains alone are worth the additional cost.   

Where to Find: Your best bet to find the menu and schedule is on Facebook: 

Food Truck Tuesdays

Want an easy way to sample from a whole collection of fine food trucks in one spot? You’re in luck. Every Tuesday from Aug. 15 to Oct. 17, you can sample from one or all of eight to 10 food trucks on the west lawn of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. The pod is an initiative of the Downtown Partnership of the City of the Colorado Springs. Trucks are open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. each Tuesday. For more info and a weekly lineup—that includes many of the trucks listed in this article: downtowncs.com/food-truck-tuesdays-cspm.

food trucks at food truck tuesday colorado springs
Photo by Claire Swinford, courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

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