Art of Motion: Ent Center Dance

    The local dance leaps forward as the Ent Center brings renowned companies to town during its opening season: Keigwin + Company, Ailey II and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

    Ailey II dance
    Ailey II. Photo by Kyle Froman.

    The dance scene leaps forward as the Ent Center for the Arts brings three renowned companies to town in its opening season. First, the New York City-based Keigwin + Company will inaugurate the Shockley-Zalabak Theater with its electric style and modern aesthetic on Feb. 10. Next comes Ailey II, pictured, the younger version of the historically groundbreaking Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, on Feb. 20. And March 28 marks the appearance of the virtuosic-meets-modern Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.

    “Some of my favorite experiences growing up have been seeing dancers I love live and witnessing the artistic, athletic prowess they have,” says Aisha Ahmad-Post, director of the Ent Center. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass on that experience to student artists in the dance community and beyond.”

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