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Name That Plow Contest Calls on Colorado Kids

CDOT is asking Colorado elementary schools students to get create and name 20 new trucks in the Name That Plow Contest. We think Colorado Springs kids are up the challenge.

Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

From Irish pubs to the annual 5K to live music, here’s how to get Irish for St. Paddy’s Day in Colorado Springs.

Trails: Hike the Ute Pass Trail

Forest animals create the most pragmatic trails to food, water, shelter. Man follows. Ancient travelers, followed by the Ute Indians, then homesteaders and prospectors, used this valley to pass...

Great Dates for Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and Beyond

Looking for romance, fun or just a delicious meal? We’ve got you covered with these Valentine’s Day and beyond dates and special deals. Whether you venture out or stay...

A Grand Year for Grand Openings in Colorado Springs

It’s a grand year in Colorado Springs — a year of grand openings, that is. Last year, In-N-Out Burger made a huge splash when it debuted its uber-popular restaurants...

MeadowGrass Music Festival Returns

Colorado Springs’ biggest music fest is back, signaling the start of summer and a return to some normalcy, community, good times and dancing like you just don’t care.

Unique Outdoor Dining Hot Spots You Must Try Now

What’s a local restaurant to do to survive this pandemic winter? Get creative and make a unique hot spot, something cool that will beat the cold and one that...

Best Trails: Must-Do Hikes in Colorado Springs

We love our trails in Colorado Springs. We hike them, bike them, run them, walk them and roll them. If you put together all 650 miles of trail in...

How to Celebrate Colorado Springs’ 150th Birthday

The Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial is on, celebrating its past, present, future and 150th birthday. Here’s how to party like it’s 1871, January through July.

Inside the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum

So I raced Jesse Owens the other day. Yes, that Jesse Owens. Winner of four gold medals at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games. Hero of freedom and racial equality...
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