Six-Pack of Fall Seasonals

The season is changing, and so are the beers. Here’s a worthy harvest of local seasonals perfect for warm afternoons, chilly evenings and a dusting of snow on the Peak.

Whiskey Reaper Take My Mind

Paradox Beer Company

Inspired by brewer Jeff Airman’s favorite fall condiment, bourbon pepper jam, this complex oak-aged sour will warm your soul as well as your palate. Meant to be savored.

Devourer of Ears

Trinity Brewing

Jason Yester does not disappoint with this naked—i.e. unspiced—saison regal. Prepare to be wowed by the earthy, spicy and lemony notes—not to mention the walloping 10.5-percent ABV.


Cerberus Brewing Company

Named for the Greek goddess of autumn, this amber saison is brewed with fresh pears and ginger for a refreshing finish. And brewer Josh Adamski is upping the load of pears in this second annual batch. Get ready for the delicious.

Red Baron Octoberfest

Bristol Brewing Company

Bristol’s venerable traditional Vienna-style dark lager brings more malt and body to the table than many of their summer offerings. Tasty like a Bavarian afternoon festival session.

Scottish Taptoo

Red Leg Brewing Company

Todd Baldwin has been unleashing this Scottish ale annually since 2014 to commemorate the patriotic Colorado Military Taptoo show. Medium-bodied and malty, but not too filling, it’s just right for a cool fall evening—or a warm one.

Red Oktober

Great Storm Brewing

Chestnut in color, malty and crisp in flavor, this one’s an intriguing mashup of a traditional Oktoberfest and an Irish red. Watch for it in late September.

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