Big-Screen Whiskey

Want to know the craftsmen and women behind your glass of bourbon? A Colorado filmmaker is bringing the stories of American whiskey to life in The Whiskey Film.

For film director Thomas Kolicko, American whiskey calls for the following ingredients: art, science, agriculture, time, passion, tradition, focus, branding and education. These tenets he’ll show in his forthcoming feature-length documentary, The Whiskey Film, slated for release in spring 2018.

“There is amazing whiskey being made right in our own backyard,” says the Denver-based director, best known for his 2013 beer film Crafting a Nation, on Netflix.

He has already released footage of 291, Deerhammer and Colorado Malting Company and plans on shooting throughout this summer. A current Indiegogo campaign aims to finance the rest of the production. The initial goal is $5,000—ultimately it will require $100,000. But the campaign also acts as a nationwide casting call to recruit eight more unique distilleries to finish the film.

“As a filmmaker and small business owner myself, there is a gravitation for me to seek out and to tell stories of those who are risking it all to leave their creative mark on the world,” Kolicko says.

“The Whiskey Film contributes to a narrative much larger than whiskey. It’s a forgotten story of hard work, determination, and the inspiration that comes through creating a product with your hands,” he says. “The Whiskey Film offers backers the opportunity to engage with the creativity of whiskey culture and celebrate the hard-won successes of bootstrapped entrepreneurs. It’s the harnessed power of American agriculture and ingenuity the distillers use to craft their destinies alongside a superior and meaningful product.”

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