Blue Dot Place: The Making of Public Art

Follow the photographic journey through the process of creating public art at Blue Dot Place.

In a downtown area well populated with public art, the colorful work on the street side of Blue Dot Place stands out: The work was part of the building plan from the beginning for the 33-unit apartment building that opened on Jan. 29.

“As an artist, one amazing thing about the experience is that it was planned,” says Jana L. Bussanich, who directed the untitled wall sculpture from design to installation. “It wasn’t just something put on at the end.”

The project involved the work of artist Jerome Lapham, as well as score of staffers from four local companies: Creative Fabrication, Western Steel, the Schmid Studio and Status Symbol Auto Body. Involving the community was critical to developers Kathy Loo and Darsey Nicklasson.

“Darsey and I love art,” Loo says. “We can’t understand why anyone would prefer bare interior (or exterior) walls.”

Here’s a look at the process:

Join the ArtWalk Unveiling
Meet local artists Jerome Lapham and Jana L. Bussanich from 4-8 p.m. May 6, during the First Friday ArtWalk unveiling of the new untitled sculpture at Blue Dot Place, 412 S. Nevada Ave.
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—by Tracy Mobley-Martinez

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