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Health & Sports

The games we play. The athletes among us. The tips for living the active, healthy life in Colorado Springs. The best Springs articles on fitness, health and sports.


TrueSport Is on a Mission

It’s maddening to see an athlete, at the height of his or her powers, suddenly fall to one of the worst words in sports:...
Olympic swimmers

The Greatest Olympic Story Never Told

It has been called the greatest untold story of the Olympic Games. It’s a true tale of athletics as Cold War proxy battle, widespread...
Jim Heidelberg has recovered from his mountain bike accident.

Rescue on Almagre

The blades on the Flight for Life helicopter chewed into thin air as pilot Shawn McFarland fought to control the bird on a gusty...
backcountry yurt hut trip

How to Hut Trip

We improvised by adding an extra stick of butter to the pancake mix before we poured our first batch onto the wood-burning stovetop, our...
healthcare heroes shaye moskowitz

Shaye Moskowitz, M.D., Ph.D.: Out to Stop Stroke

Jessie Wilson was in town to visit his daughter when an aneurysm in his brain ruptured. His wife was able to do CPR and...
Castlewood bridge

Northern Exposure

While the masses head west to the slopes, embrace your local Manifest Destiny by escaping north and east. Follow this route for a perfect...
rock climbing

Women of Rock

When it comes to rock climbing, it’s not surprising that Coloradans would be leaders on the scene. What might be unexpected is that in...

Spas: Feeling Adventurous?

Walk On The idea of someone standing on your back, pressing her cold, bare feet into your body might not sound comfortable, but an ashiatsu...

Healthcare Heroes Celebration 2018

Read more about the 2018 Healthcare Heroes HERE. Gold Sponsor: United States Olympic Committee
kids play soccer with sessi

SeSSI and the Beautiful Game of Soccer

They were concerned about kids and gang violence in southeast Colorado Springs, and frustrated by two years of fruitless problem-solving with city stakeholders. So...
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