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Health & Sports

The games we play. The athletes among us. The tips for living the active, healthy life in Colorado Springs. The best Springs articles on fitness, health and sports.

Dartanyon Crockett Paralympian Colorado Springs

Dartanyon Crockett: Fully Focused

For years, Dartanyon Crockett was told it was Leber’s disease that rendered him legally blind. But recently, he learned that’s not the real cause...
Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club Goalie

Switchbacks FC: Making the Team

It had the makings of a Cinderella story. Only six minutes into the game, team captain Luke Vercollone sent an impossibly angled shot into...

Elizabeth Marks: Fit for Duty

Elizabeth Marks pushes off the pool wall and shoots through the blue-green water. Like an arrow. Like a missile. Like she was born to...
US Olympic wrestlers Elena Pirozhkova, Adeline Gray, Andy Bisek

Team COS Is Ready for Rio

Come August, we’ll be rooting for all the American athletes, but to cheer on the hometown home team, watch for these Olympians and Paralympians...
aaron anderson video of elizabeth marks photo shoot for springsvideo

The Making of the Summer Cover

Elizabeth Marks is grace underwater. The Paralympic swimmer is ready for Rio, and her powerful story is coming soon in the pages of our...
crossing the first finish line pikes peak hill climb

100 Years of Pikes Peak Hill Climb History

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb was a typical Spencer Penrose move. In 1915, the fearless entrepreneur, adventurer and gold baron who created many iconic...
lamborghini at pikes peak airstrip attack

Airstrip Attack: Legal Street Racing

What good is owning a Lamborghini if you can’t get out and race it? Come June, you’ve got your chance at the Pikes Peak...

Big Fat Bike Fun

There’s a big, stupid permagrin plastered across my face. I knew fat bikes were fun. I’d heard about their prowess as snow-eating winter cycling...

Pace of Change: Running with Katie Rainsberger

Sometimes Katie and Lisa Rainsberger will head to a local trail to run for an hour or so. They used to stay in step,...
Casey Converse by the pool

Author Interview: Casey Converse on the Greatest Olympic Story Never Told

It has been called the greatest untold story of the Olympic Games. It’s a true tale of athletics as Cold War proxy battle, widespread...


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