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Health & Sports

The games we play. The athletes among us. The tips for living the active, healthy life in Colorado Springs. The best Springs articles on fitness, health and sports.

David Steinbruner, M.D. and team

Healthcare Heroes 2019

If you ask the men and women in these pages what makes a hero, they point to their teams and teammates and those faithfully...
Bruce Erickson

Bruce Erickson: Cuddling and Caring for Newborns

Bruce Erickson had zero experience with newborn babies when he agreed to see if it was a good volunteering fit at Memorial Hospital. The...
Dr. David Steinbruner, M.D.

David Steinbruner, M.D.: Serving and Leading

If you talk with Dr. David Steinbruner about why he’s a doctor, he tells stories about getting to meet a boy years after resuscitating...
Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis, M.D., M. Phil., M.P.H

Frederic Deleyiannis, M.D., M.Phil., M.P.H.: Reconstructing Dignity

Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis is not one to shrink from a challenge when it comes to restoring dignity for the disfigured. Dr. D., as he’s...
John Bealer, M.D.

John Bealer, M.D.: Keeping Kids First

Dr. John Bealer saw the ups and downs of practicing medicine, growing up with a physician father. But ultimately, walking in his father’s footsteps...
Thomas Ridder, M.D.

Thomas Ridder, M.D., and M. Sean McKisic, M.D.: Partnering for Precision

Most brain surgeons have dealt with an acoustic neuroma before, but this large tumor was in an especially tricky spot: completely alongside the brainstem...
Dirk Pikaart, D.O.

Dirk Pikaart, D.O.: Fighting for Life

Dr. Dirk Pikaart took an unusual path to medicine, initially working in construction trades. After returning to school, a career counselor inspired him that...
Brittany Nunez

Brittany Nunez, Paramedic: Empowering Emergency Responders

Brittany Nunez has always gravitated toward helping when others would shy away. On hiking or climbing adventures, she instinctually became caretaker when an injury...
Doggy Day Out program

Doggy Day Out

You hear the howls, the barks, the whimpers of dogs in their chainlink kennels when you walk into an animal shelter. Then you lock...
fitness week class at orangetheory fitness

Fall Fitness Hacks from Local Trainers

Between the end of summer and the approach of the holidays, it might be easy to let fitness fall to the wayside in favor...
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