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Health & Sports

The games we play. The athletes among us. The tips for living the active, healthy life in Colorado Springs. The best Springs articles on fitness, health and sports.

Aspen leaves show gold for fall hikes

10 Favorite Fall Hikes In and Around Colorado Springs

There’s an added beauty when those golden aspen groves light up the trail and hillsides. These 10 trails will take you into the seasonal...
Gallop 5K

Giddyup at the Gallop 5K

Fun and quirkiness were always the hallmarks of the beloved Waldo Waldo 5K, so it comes as no surprise that creator Chelise Foster’s locally-minded...
healthcare heroes 2019

Healthcare Heroes Celebration 2019

Each year we celebrate Healthcare Heroes, men and women nominated by their peers, associates, colleagues or patients who are making Colorado Springs a healthier,...
Greg Morris

Greg Morris, P.A.-C.: Taking Medical Care to the Homeless

Greg Morris realized early that to provide needed medical care to homeless individuals, he would have to go to them. That was 25 years...
Jansen Howard

Jansen Howard: Connecting Care for the Homeless

Jansen Howard understands homelessness and addiction firsthand. After breaking free of alcoholism and four years of her own homelessness, Jansen now works with the...
Scott Robinson, D.O.

Scott Robinson, D.O.: Training Tomorrow’s Physicians

The first graduation of the Peak Vista Family Medicine Residency Program is a career highlight for Dr. Scott Robinson. Since 2015, the Pikes Peak...
David Steinbruner, M.D. and team

Healthcare Heroes 2019

If you ask the men and women in these pages what makes a hero, they point to their teams and teammates and those faithfully...
Bruce Erickson

Bruce Erickson: Cuddling and Caring for Newborns

Bruce Erickson had zero experience with newborn babies when he agreed to see if it was a good volunteering fit at Memorial Hospital. The...
Dr. David Steinbruner, M.D.

David Steinbruner, M.D.: Serving and Leading

If you talk with Dr. David Steinbruner about why he’s a doctor, he tells stories about getting to meet a boy years after resuscitating...
Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis, M.D., M. Phil., M.P.H

Frederic Deleyiannis, M.D., M.Phil., M.P.H.: Reconstructing Dignity

Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis is not one to shrink from a challenge when it comes to restoring dignity for the disfigured. Dr. D., as he’s...
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