Don’t-Miss Tacos

    The quest: Find the perfect taco in Colorado Springs. In a follow-up to our Winter feature, here are six more local taqueries and restaurants to put on your own taco trail list to try.

    taco plate
    Photo by Allison Daniell, Stellar Propeller Studio

    In “On the Taco Trail”—from our Winter 2017 print issue—we sent an intrepid pair of writers to scour the city in search of the perfect taco. Their research is your reward. Here are six more Colorado Springs tacquerias and restaurants serving one of the world’s simplest and most delicious dishes: the taco. Go give ‘em a try, and let us know what you think. We might just nominate the taco for its own food group.


    Warm and welcoming, Vallejo’s has been in business since 1962. Despite its longevity, the restaurant is a bit off the beaten track behind Cottonwood Center for the Arts and just a stone’s throw from the Western Jubilee headquarters. But it’s a Springs insider’s retreat, and the staff is fantastic. The chorizo taco is not to be missed.
    111 S. Corona St.

    Annie’s Latin Food

    A newcomer to the Springs taco truck scene, you can find Annie’s about 200 yards north of the El Poblano Mobile bus on N. Chelton. Flying under the radar but not for long, we’re sure. Unlike the other two trucks in close proximity, Annie’s is operated by a staff from Honduras and El Salvador. This means a Central American menu rather than Mexican, which translates into a palate more delicately balanced and less reliant on hot salsa. Friendly and enthusiastic staff maintains this is the only place where you can find authentically Central American food in the springs. Try the adobada taco. But while you’re there, order the tamale (somewhat distinct from the Mexican version) and douse with green chili before eating.
    N. Chelton Rd. and Pine Tree Square (just east of Wal-Mart)

    2 Luchos

    For South American stylings, 2 Luchos blends Peruvian and Mexican cuisines. The taco menu isn’t vast but offers Mexican staples including asada and carnitas. While you’re there, try the Peruvian specialty: ceviche. But don’t expect street taco prices in this order-at-the-counter brick and mortar restaurant.
    2810 S. Academy Blvd.

    taco plate carniceria leonela
    Photo by Allison Daniell, Stellar Propeller Studio

    Karely’s Tacos y Gorditas

    Truck located in a parking lot across the street from the El Poblano Mobile’s bus. Place your order, and sit in your car in cold weather until it’s ready. You’ll be waved over, and asked to step inside and dress your taco the way you like it. Ask which salsa is the hot one before deploying. Do not miss their tacos de tripas.
    3315 Chelton Loop


    Not bad for a chain-type restaurant touting its blend of Mountain Mex. A bonus of the University Village eatery—with sister locations around Denver—is the advantage of being kid-friendly. We tried the applewood-smoked carnitas tacos and were pleased. Toppings like the avocado and crema limon made it feel authentic. We could have done without the grilled pineapple and perhaps a bit more salt, but tasty nonetheless.
    5246 N. Nevada Ave.

    Burrowing Owl

    Taking its name from one of the only two social owl, it’s not your budget option, but the atmosphere is as excellent as the cocktails. The draw here is that the tacos are vegan. Tortillas are flour, but the taste overall is excellent, particularly given that the innards are all plant-based.
    1791 S. 8th St.

    On the Taco Trail

    Read about more of Colorado Springs best tacos in “On the Taco Trail”—coming soon to mailboxes and newsstands in our Winter 2017.

    Did we miss your favorite? Tell us about it. We’ll be glad to sample