Eight Great Sled Hills

Local favorites for pure winter sledding joy in Colorado Springs.

You’re never too old for that feeling of snow-spray in the face and teetering-over-the-edge-of control speed that comes with sledding. Whether you have little ones or just want to get in touch with your inner child, here’s a collection of local sled hills ready for your next snow day.

Quail Lake Park

Cheyenne Mountain
Above the playground just west of the lake, you’ll find a steep bomber run that will satisfy your need for speed on the south-side.
915 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.

Bear Creek Regional Park

This Westside classic is a perfect-and popular-spot for young kids. More wide than long, the hills provide plenty of room to spread out and let kids lap the run till blissful exhaustion or meltdown set in, whichever comes first.
21st Street and Argus Rd.

Hewlett Packard Hill

There’s a lot of open, slanted space surrounding the entrance to the Hewlett Packard campus, making this a local favorite. Pick your grade. Build your jumps. And slip and slide to your heart’s content.
305 S. Rockrimmon Blvd.

Cottonwood Creek Park

The big community park includes good downward grades and long runs that guarantee speed. Park at the Rec Center, and find lots of wide open space for the crowds to spread out and shred.
3920 Dublin Blvd.

Girl sledding in Colorado Springs
Fun on the sled hill. Photo by Tim Trunnell.

Andrew J. Templeton Park

Stetson Hills
Wide, moderate slopes at this east-side neighborhood park make it great for families and younger kids.
5347 Rose Ridge Ln.

John Venezia Community Park

On the southern border of the sweeping, new park lies a geologically-sculpted sledding screamer. You’ll want deep snowpack to smooth the rugged hillside below the Academy International Elementary School; then expect a rollicking ride.
3555 Briargate Pkwy.

Kathleen O’Neill Marriage Park

Pine Creek
Named for the historic, pioneering master gardener who helped found the Colorado Springs and Broadmoor garden clubs, this small, north-side neighborhood park harbors a steep sled hill near its entrance. Helmets and brakes advised.
2320 Amberwood Ln.

Woodmoor Commons Toboggan Hill

The wide, moderate slopes begin in the hillside trees and empty into long, open run-outs in the wide field below. Parking is tight, so respect private property if the small lot is full.
Deer Creek Rd.

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