Girls Night Out: Love, Loss, and What I Wore

    Try on the popular stage production at the Fine Arts Center.

    Love, Loss and What I Wore Photo by Jeff Kearney

    Maybe it’s your dad’s old football jersey. Or the red pumps you bought the day he broke up with you. Or the skinny jeans that christened your best summer ever. Whichever, our clothing makes more than just a statement. That purse and coat can be placeholders for moments in time, both glorious and tragic.

    Exploring that rich intersection of memory and fashion, superstar writers Nora and Delia Ephron’s Love, Loss, and What I Wore returns to the Fine Arts Center’s intimate Music Room Nov. 12–22 with its outstanding original Colorado Springs cast: Birgitta DePree, Amy Brooks, Joye Cook-Levy, Marisa Hebert and Kelly Cole.

    After the sold-out three-plus week run in 2014, “we wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to see this show has a chance,” says Scott RC Levy, executive director of performing arts.

    While the production isn’t fully staged, it’s a lot more than just a reading. “It is very much a theatrical performance,” Levy says. “The stories in the piece speak to the audience. Clothing and fashion affect us all, whether we want to admit it or not.”

    by T.D. Mobley-Martinez