Green Box Arts: A Decade of Creativity

    The Musical Swings returns to Green Mountain Falls for the 10th year of the local arts gem, Green Box Arts Festival.

    musical swings at night at green box arts festival
    Photo by Tom Kimmell

    For the past 10 summers, the Green Box Arts Festival has been bringing exceptional—and often international—art to tiny Green Mountain Falls. The gatherings provide immersive arts experiences, including dance, music, sculpture, interactive large-scale installations and wide-ranging workshops. This year sees the return of 2014’s headliner The Musical Swings by the Canadian design collective Daily tous les jours. “It has been the favorite over the 10 years,” says Green Box co-founder Christian Keesee, the New York-based philanthropist and chairman of Kirkpatrick Bank and Kirkpatrick Oil & Gas Company.

    Swings is an interactive installation that promotes the idea that people can achieve more together. Each swing triggers different notes. Together, participants can compose a musical piece. “Four years ago, I witnessed children with physical disabilities, along with caregivers, make music together,” Keesee says. “There were a lot of smiles, and a lot of tears. It was really special.”

    gazebo and musical swings at green box arts festival
    Photo by Tom Kimmell

    Choreographer and festival co-founder Larry Keigwin will also bring his New York-based Keigwin + Company to perform electrifying dance in correlation with the centennial of the late composer Leonard Bernstein. Also on the schedule are ArtDesk Conversations, where attendees will hear from dynamic creators, including acclaimed British artist Edwina Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill.

    “The festival means accomplishment, collaboration and cooperation,” Keesee says. “Each year, Green Mountain Falls is so generous, and we are so appreciative.”

    When asked for his highlights over the decade, Keesee cites Jason Hackenwerth’s use of 10,000 balloons to create an elaborate work with the help of locals in 2011. “My favorites are ones that stimulate community,” he says. “It’s great when art brings people together.”

    If You Go to Green Box

    June 29 – July 7
    Most events free, but many require registration.