Home Design Secrets: The Landscaper

Inspiration and advice from local pros for your abode. Landscape pro Hiner Landscapes talks about the importance of a home's exterior environment and gives tips and trends.

Harboring visions of building that dream home? Longing for some stylish upgrades to your current space? Desperately seeking creative tips on a budget? We’ve got you covered—or at least the pros we talked with do. Here are insights, trends and tricks of the trade from local experts in architecture, building, landscaping and interior design.

The Landscaper

Why is landscaping important to the overall appearance of a house?
Matt Hiner, Hiner Landscapes: A well-designed landscape will complement your home, soften its appearance and bring attention to its best features—it increases curb appeal. It also can bring calmness to your life and get you outdoors more often.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Hiner.

How have you seen local landscape design changing?
The need of water is becoming more and more attractive. It’s something that is nice and soothing, and it’s a focal point that helps draw people to the outdoors. When I first got started in the industry almost 18 years ago, landscaping was really just irrigation, plants, rock and mulch. Since then, it has grown into really ornate patios with fire and water features, lighting and sound systems. To be a landscaper now, you’re really a general contractor for everything outside of those four walls.

Insider Tip

Start with a solid design or plan, and if necessary, hire it out.

What tips would you give to homeowners wanting to revamp their outdoor spaces?
At the very least, make sure to prep the soils really well. A lot of the soils in Colorado are either sandy or loamy, so bringing in and rototilling in good premium soil helps decrease the frequency of watering and promotes healthier plants. Also, if you’re trying to do it all yourself, find an experienced landscape designer who can put together a plan for you. It’s important to get your ideas down on paper, have someone help you select the right plants and help guide you through the whole build process.

Photo courtesy of Matt Hiner.

Are there any foolproof plants for beginners in our area?
We’ve got a few: Karl Foerster feather reed grass is an ornamental grass. Catnip is a really good flowering plant. And Russian sage is very resilient because it tolerates any soil conditions and doesn’t require much care.

What DIY project goes a long way?
Another great addition to a backyard or front entry would be a nice little bubbling urn. A homeowner can get an entire kit for less than $500 from our store, and it’s a one-day project that can literally transform the space into a focal point.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Hiner.

Designer’s Eye

» Fire and water are popular features. “My goal is to create a space where people can put down their phones and connect with other people and with nature,” Matt Hiner says.

» The goal: A seamless living space from outside to inside, an outdoor environment as welcoming and warming as a home’s interior.

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