An Insider’s Guide to First Fridays

    The monthly festivities offer a wide variety of ways to explore galleries, celebrate creativity and support local artists.

    First Friday at S.P.Q.R. and Arts Alley
    Modbo owner Lauren Ciborowski surveys the Arts Alley scene. Photo by Bradley Flora.

    Looking for an opportunity to explore the local art scene? First Friday is the perfect start to each month: a night of art shows, performances and social gatherings. “The First Friday is one of those nationally- recognized days of art-going,” says Brett Andrus, painter and owner of S.P.Q.R. Art Space. And there’s a unique energy that comes with every observance: “People milling around, looking at shows; it’s fun,” Andrus says.

    In the Pikes Peak region, First Friday events happen in two separate arts districts, Old Colorado City and Downtown, but a third, Manitou, will begin in April. For my own Friday routine, I typically begin at the galleries in Old Colorado City, then go downtown to see a friend’s new show at the Kreuser Gallery or GOCA 121. In the Arts Alley, parallel to Tejon Street between Bijou Street and Kiowa Street, the galleries are rocking until midnight for their show openings, so my night ends there, where music and lively conversation radiate from the warm interiors of S.P.Q.R. Art Space and The Modbo.

    First Friday arts celebrations take place in cities across the country. Sharon Wolff of the Hunter-Wolff Gallery founded First Friday ArtWalk in Old Colorado City in 2005. Now in its 13th year, the ArtWalk draws hundreds of people to the Westside each month.

    First Friday at GOCA 121
    Viewers admire work by Brett Andrus at GOCA 121. Photo by Allison Daniell Moix.

    In the Downtown district, the festivities evolved out of Friday openings at the Rubbish Gallery and later The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. Today, 20 to 30 downtown galleries participate, and the Downtown Partnership and the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region provide supportive programming and services. During 2017, First Friday drew more than 2,000 people a month downtown, according to Claire Swinford, urban engagement manager of the Downtown Partnership. “It’s a unique cultural phenomenon that is paying off in really exciting ways,” Swinford says.

    “First Fridays are a chance for the community to celebrate and show their appreciation through their dollars for local artists,” Andrus says. Galleries S.P.Q.R. and Hunter-Wolff regularly feature live painting, drawing and music.

    “These events are essential because they are my chance as the artist to interact with the customer,” says sculptor and goldsmith Maria Battista. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. I get a chance to explain that.”

    Andrus agrees: “It’s important to demystify the artmaking process to the viewer, allowing them to see how decisions are made and to see how people are working.”

    Wolff invites visitors to participate in the discovery of original art and to add some art to their lives. “We want people to make a connection with art and give these pieces permanent homes,” she says.

    First Friday Highlights

    First Friday Downtown
    Join an official walking tour or gallery hop on your own. Year-round.
    Find a list of many downtown gallery highlights at

    Old Colorado City ArtWalk
    Visit the high concentration of galleries in three square blocks. April through December.

    Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
    First Friday Art Parties in the Deco Lounge, featuring local artists, demonstrations and performances.
    March: Felicia Kelly and Nichole Fetterhoff

    The Modbo
    March: Christine Flores and Riley Bratzler