MuttRuk Packs for People With Pups

Local company MuttRuk wants to outfit your adventures with dogs.

MuttRuck backpacks for dogs and owners
MuttRuk backpack. Courtesy Explore With Us Media

Sometimes pampering your pets means treating yourself too. One of the newest dog-friendly items on the market arrives courtesy of local company MuttRuk. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in June, founder Gretchen Dill went into large-scale production on the Phoenix 14 Backpack and the RollOut Travel Bowls.

Dill says it was her experience trying to wrangle all of her day-hike needs with those of her dogs—from waste bags, water bowls and treat pouches—that got her started.

“I felt like it was about time for a backpack solution made with both human and dogs in mind, as many of us always adventure alongside our dogs,” she says. “In addition to having waste bags, treats and a place for a used waste bag handy, I wanted to ensure there was also a handy place for our own frequent needs like sunglasses, camera phones and keys.

“By designing accessible and ergonomic pockets throughout the waist straps and shoulder straps, accessibility, training and clean-up become a lot quicker and smoother, creating a better hiking experience for both dog and owner!”

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