Neon Alley Lights Up Pueblo

Step into the glow of Pueblo's unique street art gallery: Neon Alley.

Off South Union Avenue in Pueblo’s Downtown Historic District, the alluring glow of Neon Alley illuminates the eyes and hearts of awed onlookers. The collection of vintage neon signs—currently 41—displays against the redbrick buildings. Here, sign collector and neon lover Joe Koncilja has created a unique public art installation of historical wonder and beauty.

“My office is a half-block down from the alley,” Koncilja says. “When I work late, I go outside, and I always see young kids dressed up taking photos. They climb on the roof, and they sit in front of the Hollywood sign. It brings out the exotic and venturesome side of people, and it’s a wonderful thing.”

The rare, vintage signs come from all over the U.S. Each holds a fascinating story of finding a home in the alley. Their restorations are a creative collaboration between Koncilja and Boyd’s Neon in Colorado Springs—a joint effort honoring Koncilja’s vision for the alley and the historical integrity of the sign.

Visitors can experience Neon Alley every evening. It has become a destination for Bohemian festivals, parades, weddings and various events. It has even captured the attention of inspired sign collectors around the country looking to revitalize city areas with the allure of neon.

What’s next for Neon Alley? “I would love to put small dance floors in and have a 4-by-5-foot deck,” Koncilja says. “Something special where, under the neon light, people could linger and dance.”

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