One Dog’s Perfect Day

    How to hit the town with your favorite canine companion.

    Dog Park Colorado Springs
    Photo by Casey Bradley Gent

    When my 8-year-old Boston terrier hits deep sleep, her paws wiggle. I’m certain it’s because she’s dreaming. But is she hunting squirrels as many suggest? Lucy enjoys a good chase, but my guess is that her sleeping ventures go way beyond her backyard. Take a peek into my dozing dog’s ideal Colorado Springs day. Then try it with your dog.


    Up and at ’em. Jump in car. Roll down windows. Turn up seat heaters. Dogs don’t like cold bums either. Lucy’s got her sniffer trained on one of the four Dutch Bros. locations across town, where the drive-thru baristas hand out caffeinated treats for humans and tasty decaf goods—and sometimes head scratches—for pups.


    Next up, a stop at Republic of Paws in Old Colorado City to alternately sniff butts with Vinni, one of the store’s resident French bulldogs, model for a Facebook picture and check out the finest in collars, sweaters and stuffed toys. Before moving on to wander through other dog-friendly shops in OCC, Lucy noses about in the sale bin for bargains.


    Dog days of summer mean pups lunch on patios. Lucy’s newest favorite? The recently renovated outdoor digs at La’au’s Taco Shop. While Mom eats tofu lettuce wraps with roasted pineapple salsa, Lucy stares at Pikes Peak. Or works her telekinetic powers on a broken tortilla chip just out of tongue’s reach.


    Did someone say play? Lots of Lucy’s friends like to romp around Bear Creek Dog Park and practice their agility skills on the free 11-obstacle course, but Lucy’s current hot spot is Palmer Park. The centrally situated 740-acre park features the largest off-leash space in the county. Lucy tip: Want to get there fast? Park and hike up from Lot No. 24.


    Can’t forget post-play snacks. Each of the bakeries at the three local Wag N’ Wash shops offers samples for the choosiest of canines. Lucy recommends walking as far away as possible from the wash stations and making a beeline for the glass cases filled with pupcakes and muffins.

    SUP Dog Colorado Springs
    Courtesy Randi Hitchcock

    What’s SUP, pup? Lucy’s had her eye on the stand-up paddleboarding antics of Aster, canine companion to UpaDowna founders Randi and Steve Hitchcock, for a while now. This fantasy day wraps up with her lounging on the front of a SUP—paddled by Mom, of course—during one of the outdoor adventure nonprofit’s monthly summer paddleboarding socials at Memorial Park’s Prospect Lake. Well-behaved dogs are always welcome.

    Finally, it’s bedtime. Because every great dog day includes more dreaming.