Airstrip Attack: Legal Street Racing

What good is owning a Lamborghini if you can’t get out and race it? Come June, you’ve got your chance at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack to experience legal street racing—no Lambo required. On June 18-19, the event kicks off Pikes Peak Speedweek and gets race fans in the mood for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. But it’s a high-octane spectacle of its own.

Two runways at the Colorado Springs Airport will display the need for ground speed as hundreds of racers—pros, amateurs and anyone wanting to experience a bucket list racing experience—will rev up everything from classics to Sunday-drive muscle cars to the most powerful exotics in the world to race head to head. Racers will roll to the start at 60 mph, then put the pedal to the medal to top speeds of 200 mph. The reflection of Pikes Peak in the perfect surface of a Porsche 918 will be the best kind of purple mountain majesty for auto enthusiasts. “For car guys, it’s like meeting the supermodel of your dreams and watching her do a photo shoot,” says organizer Ryan Randels, president of “It’s also amazing for people not into cars because they leave with a newfound appreciation for the auto enthusiast industry. It’s a visceral, raw, emotional feeling.”

What makes the Airstrip Attack so unique is its intimate access. “We have cars that are one of one in America or the world. You could literally touch them if you wanted,” Randels says. “Then guys fire them up, get them revving and actually go race.”

classic race car at pikes peak airstrip attack
Photo courtesy of Randells Media Group
Jeremy Jones
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