Thai Rolled Ice Cream Is the New Cool

    This dessert is on a roll in the new trends of Asian sweets - Thai Rolled ice cream, and you can find it locally in Colorado Springs

    Thai Rolled Ice Cream
    Photo by Brienne Boortz

    I consider myself a connoisseur of ice cream. But my mind was blown when I first discovered Thai rolled ice cream in Breckenridge last year. How had I not experienced this next-level form of the divine dairy dessert? And where could I find more? Turns out, the frozen global phenomenon is available right here in our hometown.

    For the uninitiated, rolled ice cream, aka stir-fried ice cream, blew up in the street markets of Thailand and Southeast Asia. The wonder comes from watching it being made in minutes. Talk about handcrafted! Makers pour  liquid cream and your chosen flavors onto a refrigerated steel plate. He or she uses what looks like paint scrapers from Home Depot to churn, chop and spread the creamy mixture thinly over the cold plate. Then he scrapes it into delicate, delicious rolls of frozen ice cream, ready for any number of toppings. The key is the temperature and speed, says Wei Liu, whose family owns i-Cool Thai Ice Cream on North Academy Boulevard. Opened last January, the shop was the first to offer Thai ice cream locally. Flavors range from Asian standards like red bean, mango, avocado and matcha to American favorites like peach and strawberry. Now you can find it in other spots around town, such as the Ice Cream Lab in Old Colorado City and D-Station in Northgate. Cool is definitely hot.