Upgrade Your S’mores

    Experiment with your campfire s’mores with these three cinnamon treats.

    Enjoying S'mores
    Photo by Shayla Bradford

    Campfires are one of the most beloved traditions of trail-trekkers everywhere. A source of light and warmth. A place to cook and share company. Nostalgia and experience merge in the glow of orange flame and smell of charring wood. But arguably one of the greatest results of campfire ingenuity is the s’more.

    Camp meals tend to be simple, but simple doesn’t have to mean scanty. Dessert is always an option on the trail or on the backyard firepit. A simple can of biscuits or cinnamon rolls can provide three deliciously versatile options for a sweet treat beyond the traditional choco-mallow-gram trio. And sharing sweets and stories will mark the campfire experience with new tastes and memories.

    Cinnamon Twists

    The quickest upgrade is to pop open a cinnamon roll tube, wrap the spiraled dough around a stick—pinching the ends so it doesn’t fall off—and hold over coals until it’s golden. One step, and there are hot cinnamon twists to go. Use them as a substitute for graham crackers, and you have cinnamon s’mores.

    Enjoying S'mores
    Photo by Shayla Bradford

    Cinnamon Oranges

    For a less smoky, citrus-infused delicacy, halve an orange and cut out the centers. Place a cinnamon roll in the bottom half of the orange rind and cover with the top. Then wrap the orange in tinfoil, and place on the coals. You can also place the orange in a skillet or on a baking sheet, cover in tinfoil and bake above a small flame.

    Cinnamon Doughnuts

    Who says being in the wilderness means leaving behind the goodness of fresh doughnuts? Cut the center out of canned cinnamon rolls or biscuits, and fry the dough in a pan of vegetable oil over the fire until golden brown. After draining, drop the pastries in a bag of sugar and cinnamon to coat. Then dig in! Repeat the process with the doughnut holes to save for a small treat later.