Where to Find Food Trucks in Colorado Springs

There is a delicious fleet of food trucks roaming the Springs. Here's an overview of what they serve and where they gather.

For over a decade, food trucks have had a meteoric rise as a moto-alternative to brick-and-motor, and they keep on truckin’ along. What is it about these wheeled wonders that keeps them from simply being a fad? Do they bring back nostalgic memories of going to the fair? Is it their fun, focused menus? Is it because you are supporting small — very small  business? Maybe it’s the simple exchange of food through a window.

It could be any number of reasons, but there is certainly a large number of options for an excellent rolling-eatery experience beneath Pikes Peak. The streets of Colorado Springs are filled with flavor thanks to these fueled food options. To whet your appetite, here is a primer on standout local food trucks and where to find them — plus some insights from local diners and food truck regulars.

Food Truck Tuesdays at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

When: Tuesdays, 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., May – October
Where: 215 S. Tejon St.

This weekly downtown favorite features more than 20 local food trucks on a rotating schedule from May through October. Trucks and tables fill the lawn at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, making this regular lunch fest a social event for downtowners.

Solsage food truck at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum
Solsage is a regular at Food Truck Tuesdays at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Photo courtesy of the Pioneers Museum.

Regulars in the Lineup

American Seoul Food: Korean food for the soul.

Bob’s Lobstah Trap: “The only place to go for lobster in the Springs. It’s flown in from Maine and Nova Scotia, so you know it’s legit,” says Dani Wolfe, creator of @aboutthesprings. “And their mac ‘n’ cheese is the best, even without lobster.”

Black Forest Chew-Chew Gastrotruck: Weekly changing menus featuring burgers, tacos and sandwiches.

Ciao Down: “Ciao Down’s unique toasted Italian subs are a carb lover’s dream, bringing ingredients like breaded chicken cutlets and ravioli to their sandwiches which are perfectly complimented with homemade sauces,” says Nathan Valentine, a marketing operations specialist and sandwich enthusiast.

Conrad’s Flava Fusion: Jamaican fare, such as jerk chicken and ribs.

Formosa Bites: Authentic Taiwanese street food.

Go Fish: “Go Fish delivers the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever had — filled with crunch, texture and citrus and spice flavors,” says Delilah Alvarado, creator of CoS Foodies Facebook group. “It is the absolute best summer treat on a warm day!”

Kabob Kaboose: Everything offered is served on a stick, even chicken and waffles.

Little Bears Sloppy Joes & Ice Cream Floats: A mother-daughter duo serves sloppy joes, hot dogs, ice cream floats and more.

Lucy I’m Home: “You can tell there’s a lot of love put into their dishes. I can’t wait to go back,” says Samantha Tennyson, a high fidelity wraparound facilitator with Pikes Peak Respite Services.

Lumpia House: A variety of Filipino spring rolls.

Mateo’s: Cheesesteak, sammies and fries.

Mollie & Co.: Extreme milkshakes.

Mondal’s: American comfort food, including burgers, pulled pork and fries.

Munchies: “Their fried pickles and Cubano sandwich are incredible!” says Michelle Carr, a self-described “customer that loves good food.”

Miggy’s Meltdown: “A great variety of grilled cheese,” says Brittany Bauer, social worker. “The sandwiches are delicious, and the lemonades are on point.”

Sapo Guapo Tacos: “I love Sapo Guapo Tacos!” says Shanah Zishka, a self-proclaimed ranch dressing connoisseur. “Their taco salad is amazing, and the salsa verde they serve with it is out of this world.”

Solsage: “Everything at Solsage is made from scratch and tastes super fresh,” says Jessi Wheeler, owner of You Beatle Believe It Bake Shop. “My favorite thing is the pierogies and my husband loves their Peak Green Chile Burger.”

Scratch Mobile Kitchen: A husband-and-wife duo serves comfort food, such as a three-cheese grilled cheese, pork belly queso fries and more.

The Meltdown: The Pikes Peak region’s premier ice cream truck.

Tossed: “Food Truck Tuesdays is one of my favorite aspects of summer,” says Katy Houston, digital communications manager for the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs. “I’m loving the fresh salads from Tossed, especially the Super Food and Thai Peanut salads.”

The Wildcard: A wild variety of options from jalapeño poppers to Hawaiian-style pork.

Wheel Coffee: The roaming van offers artisanal, specialty coffee.

719 Food Truck Fest at Springs Baptist Church

When: Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., year-round
Where: 5410 E. Woodmen Rd.

If you’re looking to get into hog heaven, the Colorado Springs Baptist Church hosts the city’s most divine food trucks every Wednesday and Saturday. This gathering is mostly year-round, but doublecheck the schedule during colder months as they do take some breaks.

Pulled pork sandwich from BBQ Heaven food truck
Heavenly barbecue: a pulled pork sandwich from BBQ Heaven. Photo courtesy of BBQ Heaven.

Regulars in the Lineup

BBQ Heaven:We hired BBQ Heaven for our salon’s 10th anniversary event, and they were amazing!” says Niki Cicak, owner of Day Lily Salon and Spa. “The food was fantastic; our attendees couldn’t stop raving.”

Buster’s BBQ: Brisket, ribs, pulled pork — all cooked low and slow.

Cowgirl Kettle Corn & Lemonade: A variety of sweet and savory kettle corn flavors.

Crepes N Go: “Crepes-N-Go is a standby in my list of go-to food trucks for events in Colorado Springs,” says Lauren Womochil Ripko of Studio Q Events. “With sweet and savory options, they are always a crowd pleaser and are wonderful to work with.”

Dolce Latte: “I adore Dolce Latte’s gelato; it’s always perfectly balanced and not too sweet,” says Kas Burrow, a project manager. “Their lemon strawberry is my favorite standalone flavor, and their key lime sundae is incredible.”

Fiesta Grill: A party on the go, with fresh, authentic Mexican food.

Go Fish: Superior seafood, fast.

Gyro Döner: Authentic gyros and döner kebabs using locally sourced ingredients.

Happy Eats Pasta: Homemade pasta favorites, small bites and select seasonal desserts.

Lori Lynn’s Cookies and Cream: “Lori Lynn’s has the most delectable custom-made ice cream sandwiches!” says Jane Peterson, a customer service rep. “Her seasonal flavors are the best, but you have to get there early because she sells out.”

Lucy I’m Home: A long-time favorite offering the flavors of Cuba.

RJ Foodies: “RJ Foodies is one of the best values at a food truck, and it’s really good!” says Misty Slater, a data dissemination specialist. “When I’m walking up to the truck, I get a little anxious hoping it’s not sold out.”

Roc & Ro Sushi: “Roc & Ro has an amazing variety, and the sushi rolls never disappoint,” says Courtney Hadl, youth market director with the American Heart Association.

Rocco’s Italian: “Rocco’s Italian is delicious, with surprising choices you wouldn’t expect from a food truck,” says Jennifer De Lima, property manager. “The calamari, fried ravioli and subs always hit the spot.”

Korean BBQ Bulgogi Salad by Sapo Guapo Tacos food truck
Korean BBQ Bulgogi Salad by Sapo Guapo Tacos. Photo courtesy of Sapo Guapo.

Sapo Guapo Tacos: Family-owned and operated trendy taco truck.

Scratch Mobile Kitchen: “The carne asada fries from Scratch Mobile Kitchen are really great!” says Chelsea Charton, an insurance subrogation rep.

Sosa’s Pupuseria: Fresh made-to-order Honduran food.

Solsage: A variety of high-quality, handmade sausages, pierogis and more.

Tepex: “Tepex, in my opinion, is the best food truck around,” says Andrew Shepherd Combs, a barista at Frankly Coffee Co. “It’s awesome — really great ingredients and great preparation. Fernando treats his elements well and understand how they best work together. Also, he has huitlacoche tacos. I’m particularly stoked about those; I don’t think you can get them anywhere else in town.”

Turk N Stuff: A variety of turkey dishes in smoked, Cajun and other styles.

Twisted American:When I go to the 719 Food Truck Fest, I usually end up at Twisted American because it’s my favorite — great burgers and fries with a lot of specialty toppings,” says Mike Slater, food truck aficionado.

The UNcommons: Both African and Mexican-inspired eats.

Wild Goose: Full-service catering specializing in BBQ.

Food Truck Fridays at The Market at Spring Creek

When: Fridays, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., year-round
Where: 1660 S. Circle Dr.

In Southeast Springs, this growing market is a space for locals to meet, eat and shop, and they break open the weekend with a food truck rally.

Regulars in the Lineup

Crepes-N-Go: Savory and sweet crepes that are both traditional and inventive.

Cupcake Doctor: “I absolutely love the unique and delicious flavors the Cupcake Doctor offers, from lemon lavender to carrot cake to Mexican hot chocolate,” says Jennifer De Lima.

Firebird Chicken Sandwiches: Cluck, cluck, here comes the truck mixing Asian and Southern flavors.

Go Fish food truck in Colorado Springs
Go Fish Food Truck’s motto is, “Great seafood, fast; so you can take your time!” You can follow Go Fish via Facebook @gofishfoodtruck and Instagram @gofishft Photo courtesy of Go Fish.

Go Fish: Superior seafood, fast.

Grumpy’s Burgers & Biscuits: Burgers and biscuits named Shirlee, Wanda, Rebecca and Hanna Banana.

Makaw’s: A taste of Venezuelan-Caribbean fusion.

Jackpot Coffee: Espresso drinks, chai, hot chocolate and Italian cream sodas.

Lumpia House: A variety of Filipino spring rolls.

Ricky’s Island Cafe: Inspired Jamaican dishes with Mexican influences.

Roc & Ro Sushi: Traditional and deep-fried sushi rolls, made-to-order.

Solsage: A variety of high-quality, handmade sausages, pierogis and more.

Tossed: Fresh, healthy salads and wraps.

Twisted American: Burgers, dogs, sammies and loaded fries.

Miggy’s Meltdown: Gourmet grilled cheese sammies.

Wheel Coffee: Artisanal, specialty coffee.

Saturdays at the Square

When: Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., year-round
Where: 165 Fontaine Blvd.

South of the Springs, the Fountain-Widefield communities host a top tier one-stop-shop for food truck findings every weekend of the year unless otherwise announced on the group’s Facebook page.

Regulars in the Lineup

Bobby’s World: A menu built around a favorite Korean item: bulgogi!

Chef Bob’s Lobster Trap: Freshly made lobster dishes, New England clam chowder and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Ciao Down: Italian-American sandwiches on artisan Ciabatta loaves. Fuhgeddaboutit!

Crepes-N-Go: Savory and sweet crepes that are both traditional and inventive.

Lucy I'm Home food truck
Lucy I’m Home is a Cuban food truck. Lucy I’m Home also has a take-out location at 390 N. Circle Dr. You can follow Lucy I’m Home on Facebook @lucyimhomefoodtruck and on Instagram @lucyimhome.theflavorofcuba

Lucy I’m Home: A long-time favorite offering the flavors of Cuba.

Mateo’s: Cheesesteak, sammies and fries.

Makaw’s: A taste of Venezuelan-Caribbean fusion.

Miggy’s: Gourmet grilled cheese sammies.

Mondal’s: American comfort food like burgers, pulled pork and fries.

Monster’s Mini Donuts: Flavors ranging from French toast to Bavarian cream.

Munchies: A variety of locally sourced tacos, sandwiches, pizza and more.

Ricky’s Island Cafe: Inspired Jamaican dishes with Mexican influences.

Roc & Ro: Traditional and deep-fried sushi rolls, made-to-order.

Scratch Mobile Kitchen: A husband-and-wife duo serves comfort food, such as a three-cheese grilled cheese, pork belly queso fries and more.

Smokin’ J’s BBQ: A big red trailer serving smoked sausage, pulled pork and street tacos topped with mango salsa.

Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza: Wood-fired pizzas, stromboli and calzones.

Food Truck Trackers

Checking social media is a great way to find food trucks and their business hours. Many trucks utilize Facebook to post their location, schedules and menus, because these mobile kitchens often move to serve events or reserve a spot at a brewery. Local brewers often post food truck schedules to social media as well.

Breweries Where You Can Regularly Find Food Trucks

Lost Friend Brewing Company

2458 Montebello Square Dr.

Rotating food trucks, daily.
Regulars: Tepex, Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza, Lumpia House, The Original Dr. Taco, Craig’s Fusion


The Garden

401 S. Nevada Ave.

Resident food truck: Zaatar & Olive Mediterranean Street Food
Saturday brunch: Huevones Cafe


Mash Mechanix Brewing Co.

429 E. Pikes Peak Ave.

Rotating food trucks, daily.
Regulars: Grumpy’s Burgers & Biscuits, BBQ Heaven, Solsage, Bobby’s World, The Original Dr. Taco


Metric Brewing

1213 N. Circle Dr.

Rotating food trucks, daily.
Regulars: Green Machine Grill, Tepex, Kabob Kaboose, Go Fish, Ciao Down


Goat Patch Brewing Company

2727 N. Cascade Ave.

Rotating food trucks, daily.
Regulars: Chef Bob’s Lobstah Trap, Ricky’s Island Café, Roc & Ro Sushi, Makaw’s, Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza


JAKs Brewing Company Falcon

11860 Stapleton Dr., Peyton

Rotating food trucks, daily.
Regulars: Sushiya Haru, All Things Pita, Chef Bob’s Lobstah Trap, Mondal’s, La Gran Tenochtitlan, Black Forest Chew-Chew Gastrotruck, Go Fish, Lumpia House, Turk N Stuff, Ricky’s Island cafe, Green Machine Grill


JAKs Brewery & Taproom Colorado Springs

7715 Dublin Blvd. Unit 160

Food trucks on Sundays.
Sunday Regulars: Turk N Stuff, Crepes N Go, Papa Bear’z Grill, Rocco’s Italian, The UNcommons, Gypsy Pizza Co., La Gran Tenochtitlan


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