The Wine Festival of Colorado Springs

    Row of glasses Wine Festival

    If you’re looking for all things wine, this is it. In its 26th year, the festival spans three days, March 2-4, filled with wine seminars and tastings, paired meals and culinary celebrities. “Clearly what makes us special over any other festival is that we feature a region or a grape or another specific theme,” says Jim Little, co-owner of Coaltrain Fine Wine and Spirits. This year’s theme? The Wines of Washington, which means you get an intro or deeper taste of the second largest wine region in the nation. “Washington wines tend to be more lush, more fruit-forward, lots of times more concentrated,” Little says. “Some of their claims to fame are Rhone varietals like syrahs, merlots, cabernets.”

    Assuming you can’t do everything, how can a first-timer make the most of the festival? It all comes down to priorities. “The Friday night tasting is enormous, but you can learn a ton because there’s someone behind every table pouring,” Little says. “If you want to know the intricacies of Washington wines, it’s best to attend one of the seminars. If you’re into pairing, do the pairing lunch Friday afternoon.”

    Just a Few of the Many Great Events


    Local celebrity chef Brother Luck pairs Washington cuisine with preselected wines; then the winemakers weigh in with their perspectives.
    Friday, 12 p.m., The Mezzanine, $95

    Wine Seminar:
    Under the guidance of the selected winemakers, you’ll get to know the 13 diverse world-class growing regions of the Evergreen State and its new AVAs (American Vitacultural Areas) helping to distinguish different terroire.
    Friday, 5:30 p.m., The Broadmoor, $50

    This is the big party, where you’ll find as many as 300 wines to sample, alongside local food and spirits.
    Friday, 7 p.m., The Broadmoor, $90

    Find the full schedule and details here.

    Wine festival of Colorado Springs
    CHEF BROTHER LUCK, of IV by Brother Luck, will pair culinary magic with Washington wines.
    Photo courtesy of Sean Cayton.

    More Details

    When: March 2-4

    Where: The Broadmoor Hotel, Garden of the God’s Club and Resort, The Mezzanine, The Warehouse

    Tickets: $50-$200; 719-577-4556,

    Do Good: Proceeds benefit the Colorado Springs Conservatory.

    Featured Winemakers: Abeja, Gramercy Cellars, Hedges Family Estate, Long Shadows Vintners, Proper Wines, Va Piano


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