6 People You Always See on Tinder in Colorado Springs

Sure, I’m stereotyping—but am I right or what?

Single in the Springs took you for a deep dive inside the digital dating scene in Colorado Springs. Tinder remains a popular app in the Pikes Peak region. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek peek into some common local Tinder profiles. Sure, I’m stereotyping—but am I right or what?

The Men

Graphic of a generic military man.The Military Man

He’s at Fort Carson, Schriever Air Force Base or the Air Force Academy and typically “just got stationed here and want to find a girl to show me around.” Loves breweries and hiking (shocker), and has at least one shirtless photo doing a Spartan Race or similar mud run.


Graphic image of a young professional man.

The Young Professional

This guy lives by the motto “Work hard; play hard,” and his photos are a mix of him in a dress suit at the office, selfies at the gym, and candids getting trashed at the Mansion or Cowboys. He most likely says he’s “not looking for something serious” and “wants a swolemate.”


Graphic image of an outdoor bro.The Outdoor Bro

His photos are all rock climbing, skiing, fishing, ultrarunning or climbing a 14er. His profile states “Epic” or “Icon” in reference to his winter pass, and it’s a good guess that the Outdoor Bro wants a “down-to-earth woman.”


The Women

Graphic of a woman with a high pony tail.The Mountain Woman

The super outdoorsy chick has tons of pictures backpacking, rock climbing, fly fishing and mountain biking. She says she’s “looking for adventure,” and not the kind for the faint of heart. When she wants to take you camping, grab your gear—there’s no glamping here.


Graphic of a woman wearing makeup.The Instagram “Model”

She has a ton of selfies, all heavily retouched or edited. Her profile is fully hashtagged with the likes of #blessed and #nofilter, and she claims she’s not like other women. Her bio tends to use big words or some sort of Star Wars quote because she’s “such a nerd.” She likes to drop her Insta handle so she can gain followers.


Graphic of a young woman.The Basic Girl

Fair or not, she blends in to the societal derogative #basic. She’s not looking for “hookups, liars, cheaters or drama,” and she’s ready to settle down. She loves hiking and wine and has a picture at the top of the Incline because, duh, it’s Colorado Springs.

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