Art on the Streets: Preview the 20th Anniversary

    The new collective of public art installations is on the streets. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see. Don’t miss the Launch Scavenger Hunt on July 6.

    Art on the Streets Iscariot
    Iscariot. Photo by Michael J. Pach, 3 Peak Photography. Courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

    It’s become tradition that new sculptures and public art installations begin popping up on street corners, buildings and open spaces around downtown in early summer. The popular, creative Art on the Streets celebrates its 20 anniversary this year with yet another collection of engaging artwork and a series of events ranging from a kickoff scavenger hunt to guided walking tours to summer beer gatherings with artist Tom Marioni. But as always, the art is the star of this show. Here is a preview of what you’ll find on the streets of Colorado Springs this year.


    Artist: Trace O’Connor of Fort Collins, Colorado

    The quasi mermaid is strikingly visible from I-25 as she takes flight from her perch on top of the Traffic Management Center building along Colorado Avenue. Created from various recycled ferrous materials such as galvanized steel light poles, sprinkler piping, mechanical tubing, plate steel and electrical conduit, the piece brings new life in a recognizable yet alien form.

    Location: North side of Colorado Avenue between Interstate 25 and Sahwatch St. (roof of Traffic Management Center, 234 W. Colorado Ave.)

    art on the streets chipeta mai matryoshka doll
    Chipeta Mai. Photo by Michael J. Pach, 3 Peak Photography. Courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

    Chipeta Mai

    Artist: Kasia Polkowska and Kyle Cunniff of Alamosa, Colorado

    The 4-foot, stained-glass mosaic matryoshka doll blends the cultures of Eastern Europe and Colorado. “To give her a sense of place, she was named to honor the people whose ancestral land we inhabit, focusing on Colorado where the artist team lives,” the artists say in their artist statement.

    Location: Northwest corner of Tejon St. and Pikes Peak Ave.

    art on the streets you light as a clould cat and bird sculpture
    You, Light as a Cloud. Photo by Michael J. Pach, 3 Peak Photography. Courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

    You, Light as a Cloud

    Artist: Byeong Doo Moon of Gwangju-si, South Korea

    You will see stainless steel figures of a cat and a bird, but the artist suggests that it’s shared transformation in a moment of unseen interaction that changes our perspective. “Depicting two  different beings– a cat and a bird – in a moment of unseen interaction, this work would like to suggest to viewers ‘when the mind changes, the world changes,’” Byeong Doo Moon says in her artist statement.

    Location: West side of Cascade Ave. between Boulder St. and Platte Ave. (Boulder Crescent Park)

    art on the streets reflective dwelling
    The Dwelling. Photo by Michael J. Pach, 3 Peak Photography. Courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

    The Dwelling

    Artist: Sara Madandar, Christina Coleman and Jieun Beth Kim of New Orleans, Louisiana

    “This installation work is about what home and shelter means to different people from diverse backgrounds and struggles,” reads the artist statement. The reflective Plexiglas house results in different scenes. By day it serves as a mirror for its surroundings. At night the walls become transparent. “What is revealed within is at the heart of the project, a reflection on the city, its spirit and the struggle of its people in making a home.”

    Location: East side of Tejon between Colorado Ave. and Vermijo St. (Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, 121 S. Tejon St.)

    art on the streets fork with macaroni noodles sculpture
    Say Cheese. Photo by Michael J. Pach, 3 Peak Photography. Courtesy of Downtown Partnership.

    Say Cheese

    Artist: Justin Deister of Louisville, Colorado

    Remember when you were young and you stuck a noodle on each tine of your fork? Or tried to see just how many noodles you could fit in your mouth? Justin Deister offers a whimsical reminder that, yes, you too were filled with a playful, inquisitive spirit—even at the dinner table.

    Location: Southeast corner of Tejon St. and Boulder St.

    josh kennard love sculpture
    Nothing Greater Than/Less Than Love. Photo by Scott Majors.

    Nothing Greater Than/Less Than Love

    Artist: Joshua Kennard of Colorado Springs

    In an encore from last year, this interactive work invites people to pen a message of love to the people, places or things that make them glad they live in Colorado Springs. “Nothing Greater than/Less than Love explores collective hope,” Kennard explains. “It is a time capsule of dreams that encourages Colorado Springs to live out what it mailed.” Read more about the work in our article “Love and Sculpture: A Q&A With Josh Kennard.” 

    Location: South side of Pikes Peak Ave. between Cascade Ave. and Tejon St.

    20th Anniversary Events

    Kickoff Scavenger Hunt

    July 6, 5-8 p.m.

    Explore the new Art on the Streets installations and win prizes in the creative scavenger hunt. As part of First Friday Downtown, July 6, the hunt will take you to 10 locations featuring 12 of the works, plus a photo retrospective of 20 years of Art on the Streets. Participants must pre-register to receive their passport and be eligible to win prizes. Information and registration is available at

    Guided Walking Tours

    Learn more about the art on these guided walks July 7, Sept. 1 and Jan. 5, 2019.

    “The Act of Drinking Beer With Friends Is the Highest Form of Art”

    Join California-based conceptual artist Tom Marioni to see new works and to mingle and dialogue over free beer. You’ll find guest bartenders and Local Relic’s Art on the Streets commemorative brews at the July 25 rendition. Other dates run to September at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College. Details here.