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Diego Arnedo and Adhya Spencer

Diego Arnedo was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Adhya Spencer grew up in Delaware. The two met on a beach in Costa Rica while they were both living there. “I spoke no Spanish. He spoke no English, and the rest is history,” Adhya says. The couple moved to Colorado Springs in 2017 with their daughter and found new inspiration in the mountainous beauty of their new home. She is a gardener by day and art manager by night, organizing live art experiences where he paints murals and large-scale works under blacklights with vivid, bright, acrylic colors. Together they are Jaguart. The name comes from a mashup of jaguar and, of course, art. “It’s an animal that is used a lot in ceremonies,” Diego says. “It’s a powerful animal, and through the Jaguar I can achieve a lot of power and mysticism.” If there’s one word to epitomize the work of Jaguart, it is passion. “The passion I have to create my art is what I have from my culture,” Diego says. “The love that one has for what one does. My life is art. I live for art, breathe art. My focus is to better the lives of people through art.”

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