Nathan Newbrough

As President and CEO of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, Nathan Newbrough believes that great live music captivates the spirit, connects neighbors and propels a community forward. “My role just means I work with a team of people to make sure that this amazing American symphony orchestra can do their best work,” he says. A music teacher by training, and still a musician at heart, Nathan is an advocate for the interests of professional musicians. “I love the abilities of these Philharmonic musicians to perform, not just classical music, but also rock and roll, movie music, jazz and all of the aspects that make the American sound so remarkable.” He says it’s unfair to ask him to name a favorite piece of music, but when pressed, he says, “Just listen to Gustav Holst’s movement called ‘Jupiter’ from The Planets and see if that doesn’t change your life — or at least make your day better.”

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