Banning Lewis Ranch: What Makes a Community?

As the No. 1 selling home community in the Pikes Peak region, Banning Lewis Ranch has a few ideas.

What makes a community? Builders and developers throughout the world have pondered this question as they seek to build communities rather than just a collection of residences. Anyone can put up an edifice or a series of buildings in a row, but it takes attention and commitment to build a true community — a community like Banning Lewis Ranch.


Is community the right combination of home sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of individuals and families?

The right home can be dependent upon a family’s stage in the life cycle. Larger homes with multiple bedrooms at Banning Lewis Ranch are perfect for growing families. Smaller homes with large master suites, fewer bedrooms and large communal areas for entertaining can best suit young couples or empty-nesters. And townhomes and condominiums are perfect points-of-entry for homeownership for first-time homebuyers.

Is community made from the layout of streets and trails to ensure opportunities for multiple modes of transportation, including walking, driving and cycling?

By creating multiple ways of getting from here to there, we create opportunities for connection with friends and neighbors and for meeting new friends and neighbors. The right layout of streets can help calm traffic speeds to provide safer places for walkers and cyclists, as well as to minimize traffic accidents.

Kids in the community embarking on an Easter egg hunt. Photo courtesy of Banning Lewis Ranch.
Kids in the community embark on an Easter egg hunt. Photo courtesy of Banning Lewis Ranch.

Is community measured by its amenities? Do pools, recreational facilities, parks and community events define a community?

Access to these types of amenities ensures homeowners and residents can play and shop where they live. At Banning Lewis Ranch, we see families and friends meeting up for picnic dinners at our summer concert series. Local kiddos play Marco Polo with classmates and new friends at the Vista Water Park and the community pool at the Northtree Ranch House.

Our community market gives small and micro businesses the opportunity to build their business within their local neighborhood and allows community members to shop and eat local. Our annual Pig Roast gives neighbors a chance to celebrate the end of summer and plan for the upcoming holiday season together. The teams at the Ranch House and the Retreat create a wide variety of classes, community events and activities to keep neighbors engaged and learning new things. And the dog park gives pooch parents the chance to exercise and socialize their dogs in a safely enclosed environment for off-leash fun.

Food trucks and residents gather for some summer fun. Photo courtesy at Banning Lewis Ranch.
Food trucks and residents gather for some summer fun. Photo courtesy at Banning Lewis Ranch.

At Banning Lewis Ranch, we believe that ALL of these things contribute to a great community. But the number one thing that makes a great community is great neighbors. We love seeing our neighbors out and about, utilizing the parks and trails and attending community events. We hear stories of neighbors helping each other with yardwork, keeping an eye on each other’s homes when someone is out of town, providing parents with backup childcare and support.

Banning Lewis Ranch is the #1 selling home community in the Pikes Peak region for 8 years in a row because of its residents, true neighbors with an ongoing commitment to the best community in the region.

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