Behind the Scenes of The River Arkansas “All the Way Down” Video

    Mike Clark, frontman for the Front Range band The River Arkansas takes us behind the scenes of the rollicking new video for “All the Way Down.”

    river arkansas band shot
    Photo by William Knudson

    Following the March 2017 You Animal, The River Arkansas recently released the first video from the album: “All the Way Down.” Check it out, and take a peek behind the scenes with frontman Mike Clark.

    All the Way Down (Official Music Video)

    We're proud to announce the debut of our brand new official music video for "All the Way Down". Big thanks to all who were a part of it and to Sarah Megyesy for shooting and editing this vid!Our next show is May 25th at Lost Lake in Denver!

    Posted by The River Arkansas on Thursday, May 4, 2017

    Springs: Why did you choose “All the Way Down” for the album’s first video?

    Mike Clark: “All the Way Down” is one of my personal favorites off the new album. We chose it as our first single, so we felt it made sense for it to be the first video from the album as well

    How did the concept evolve?

    I wanted the video to reflect some of the reoccurring themes in my song writing, and I often write about the duality of city living and living out away from people. I thought it’d be nice if our characters could meet someplace in between the two.

    That’s a great transition from two individuals moving through Colorado landscapes to the couple dancing in a rollicking concert setting. What are some of those geographic settings we’re seeing?

    Our female character, played by Emily Owens, starts out in the streets of Denver, and we just moved farther away from the city till we were in Boulder where she meets Max Barcelow who has walked over many mountains starting up in Gold Hill, Colorado.

    Producer Sarah Megyesy has done music videos for a lot of amazing Colorado artists, like Gregory Alan Isakov, Ark Life, the Haunted Windchimes, Trout Steak Revival and, of course, The River Arkansas. How did you get connected with her and what’s the creative process like working with her?

    I was introduced to Sarah through Macon Terry, our bass player, and we’ve been good pals now for a few years. She even came on tour with us to the Northwest a while back. Working with her is so fun. She does a great job of seeing your vision through and directing everyone to keep things moving along. She’s the best.

    Do you have any hidden favorites details or moments behind this video that you can fill us in on?

    My favorite parts were getting up before the sun comes up on a Sunday and seeing the streets of Denver completely empty. And I also loved having all those friends around for shooting the second half of the video. They were so good at making it a real dance party.

    Where can we catch you live this summer?

    You can catch us all over the place this summer. Just check our calendar at