Where to Find the Best Bloody Marys in Colorado Springs

Some of these might surprise you — until you take a sip.

Not to disparage mimosas, but it doesn’t take much to fill a glass with bubbly and top with a splash of juice (the only acceptable ratio). But a bloody mary? A great bloody is so much more than vodka and tomato juice — and the results can be as varied as the bartenders who make them.

As the curators of the Bloodies and Brunch Instagram account, we (Laura Eurich and Carrie Simison) drink a lot of bloody marys and we’re often asked who has the best bloody mary in town. Our answer? It depends on your tastes. But here are some standouts.

Worth the Drive Bloody Mary

105 Social House

When getting away from it all, be glad someplace like 105 Social House is still there in Palmer Lake. Their housemade mix with visible horseradish chunks is the perfect refuel after a trek (at least for us) up north. Elegantly garnished with a stalk of rosemary and a lime (pictured above), it’s almost too pretty to drink, but at $8, you can get another. Consider it a perk if you live in the Tri Lakes area.

75 CO-105, Palmer Lake


Meal Replacement

The Exchange

You’ve probably seen photos of extreme bloodies that are topped with everything from slices of pizza to rotisserie chickens. While The Exchange doesn’t go quite that crazy, you can order their $15 Breakfast Bloody Mary and call it a meal. It’s topped with a mini sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich, bacon and pickles, and served on a plate of french fries.

526 S. Tejon St.


The Meal Replacement bloody mary from Exchange. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.
The breakfast bloody mary from The Exchange. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.

Bang for Your Buck


No, they don’t serve breakfast or brunch (though their wings are renowned). So imagine our surprise when we took a first sip of the $5.50 bloody at O’Furry’s and it was smooth and bright and one of the best we’ve tasted in town. They make their own mix — it’s not the same as what is used in the adjacent Omelette Parlor — and keep it simple and fresh. While some bloodies are heavy, this one was light and almost refreshing. And you know what else is refreshing? They’re just $3 on Sundays.

900 E. Fillmore St.


Bloody marys from O'Furry's. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.
Bloody marys with a $2 Rolling Rock beer back at O’Furry’s. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.

Build Your Own Bloody Mary

1350 Distilling

1350 Distilling boasts Colorado’s biggest Bloody Mary Bar, so if you don’t like your drink, you have no one to blame but yourself. At $11, it includes your choice of house spirit and all the mixes you can fathom, plus an array of veggies, meat, spices and hot sauces. If you can dream it, you can make it here. And you will dream about these.

520 E. Pikes Peak Ave.


BYOBM at 1305 Distilling. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.
Build your own bloody at 1350 Distilling. Photo by @bloodiesandbrunch.

Unexpected Bloody Mary

Dog Haus Biergarten

Brunch and a bloody at a casual hot dog restaurant? Um, OK. After our visit at Dog Haus, we give it a robust “Hell yeah.” An unimpressive naked presentation — not even an olive — but that perfectly balanced flavor, just enough spice and a $3 price tag made us forgive and even embrace the simplicity.

162 Tracker Drive #130


Dive Bar

Bernie’s Place

Ask around and it won’t take long for someone to mention the bloodies at Bernie’s. It’s clear why so many say this is the best bloody in town. Each one is made to order — no bottled mixes, no premade house mixes, they pour and spice each one up as they’re ordered. And much to our delight, they break out a large container of horseradish too. Unlike most others, the $7 price (cash only) also includes your choice of beer back. This very well could be the best bloody in the Springs.

1106 N. Circle Drive


Bloody Tips

Here’s how to drink ’em like a pro.

  1. Don’t pay for top-shelf vodka. The spices cover up any shortcomings in the vodka, so don’t waste a top-shelf vodka in your bloody mary. (Unless it’s pepper-infused vodka, then pay whatever it takes.)
  2. If you’re using a mix, make sure it’s fresh. A mix that sits too long brings bitterness and acidity.
  3. Don’t just drink bloody marys on Sundays. And don’t just have them in the morning. A good bloody mary is a great drink any day and time.

Want More Bloody Marys?

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