Colorado Craft Spirits Gems and Limited Releases

    Find these limited release whiskeys, gins and vodkas at Colorado craft distilleries. All are treasures along the Colorado Spirits Trail.

    Colorado craft spirits gems Woods Vodka, Deerhammer Rye, Dry Town Mellow Rested Gin, Distillery 291 E, Sand Creek Malt Whiskey, Stranahan's Snowflake
    Limited releases from Colorado craft distillers

    Take a journey on the Colorado Spirits Trail, follow the map of distillers around Colorado, and you’ll discover some hidden treasures among Colorado craft spirits. Here are some of the best gems along the Colorado Spirits Trail, available only at or near the distillery.

    Woods Vodka, Salida
    Grab a bottle of Wood’s High Mountain Distillery traditional Russian potato vodka and prepare to be surprised if Tito’s is your definition of vodka.

    Deerhammer Rye, Buena Vista
    Whiskey this good shouldn’t be a secret, but for now limited quantities mean they only hand over this bottle at the Deerhammer Distilling bar where it was born.

    Dry Town Mellow Rested Gin, Fort Collins
    This smooth barrel-rested gin from Old Elk Distillery is left to mellow in whiskey barrels to add a light earthiness and surprising character to the citrus-forward botanicals of the already pleasing Dry Town gin.

    Distillery 291 E, Colorado Springs
    Periodic additions to the 291 Experimental Series are only released when they are good and ready, and only the early birds get their hands on these limited editions.

    Sand Creek Malt Whiskey, Hugo
    One man at the still plus one year in five-gallon barrels equals one startlingly good malt whiskey that holds its own against older mountain spirits. Midwest transplants should pick up a bottle from Sand Creek Distillery to celebrate surviving the drive across Kansas for the holidays.

    Stranahan’s Snowflake, Denver
    People will tailgate in any weather before a football game, but standing outside for a week? In December? Just to buy whiskey? Like its namesake, no two Snowflake editions at Stranahan’s are alike, but all are worth the wait.

    How To Follow the Colorado Spirits Trail

    From the plains to the peaks and all the way to Palisade, Colorado has more distilleries than you might imagine. Following the Spirits Trail to explore them can lead to deeper than expected discoveries among Colorado craft spirits. Read Where the Spirits Lead to discover how.