Funky Decor: Living in the Canvas

You've never seen funky decor like this. House beautiful takes on new and vibrant meaning in Andy Vick and Beth Piver’s wildly eclectic home. Step inside and enjoy the full-surround gallery.

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It’s hard to pinpoint a single takeaway from a visit to Andy Vick and Beth Piver’s home. Would it be the neon faux-fur walls and ceilings? The stuffed animal wall next to the kitchen? What about the Super Ball countertop? The enormous, authentic circus sideshow banner from 1960? No, maybe the mini Barbie chandelier in the foyer. Have you ever seen home decor like this?

From the outside, the couple’s single-family home looks more peaceful than playful. The tree-lined street of their Dublin neighborhood betrays little of what waits inside, except for an electric pink welcome mat.

Once inside, it’s a rush of pop art, neon colors and quirky details. “As crazy as it is, it’s totally fun and totally functional,” Vick says. “All of this is Beth.”

Indeed, the mood is informal and welcoming. And despite the visual ruckus, it doesn’t feel overstuffed either. That can be difficult to achieve in homes with lots of art and personality, but Piver’s eye has struck the right balance.

Kitchen Andy Vick home Colorado Springs
Kitchen. Photo by Randy Poe

Piver and Vick moved to the Springs from Maryland when Vick took his now former job as executive director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR) in 2014. Their homes back East were similarly outfitted, and they were featured in newspapers, American Style magazine and on HGTV’s Offbeat America (watch it here: Beth & Andy on HGTV’s OFFBEAT AMERICA). They’ve lived at their current address about two and half years, and for the most part, the decorating is complete. “For now,” Piver says.

Piver insists installing fur walls is pretty easy and achieved with simply a staple gun. The fur ceilings, like those in the mod and moody master bedroom, were a bit trickier. The stuffed animal wall was created with hot glue. They are all smaller plushes, she explains, that came from a single claw game machine. Piver especially enjoys the ones with creepy, wet, anime-style eyes.

Aside from being a home decor ninja, Piver is a Hula-Hooper, artist and graphic designer. She and Vick have amassed quite a gorgeous collection of what Vick calls “low-brow, contemporary, figurative” pieces over 26 years of marriage and their dual careers in artmaking. There’s a clique of funkified mannequins of Piver’s design and a work by Vick’s own grandfather.

Master Bedroom Andy Vick Home
Master bedroom. Photo by Randy Poe

Given what you’ve just read, you’d be forgiven for thinking the house is a cacophony of clashing colors and textures. The color scheme may be lifted from a pack of highlighter pens, but it all flows together harmoniously. Each element is executed cleanly and thoughtfully. “Normal” elements are scattered throughout. Take the home office: It’s warmed up with vintage office furniture. The couple acquired those old desk chairs and lockers long before it was en vogue, but that’s another story.

So is the home after sundown. To wit: A ribbon of rainbow LED lights laces the hallways. And there are other unique lighting choices, such as that Super Ball countertop, with its glow-in-the-dark orbs. Passing neighbors may catch a glimpse of the general glow.

Looking back now, the giant, clear, hanging bubble chair is certainly a highlight. And so is that vintage pinball machine board rescued from a repair shop. No, the magenta wall with the glitter details. No, no, the real highlight has to be Ozi, the black Chihuahua-pug rescue, who guards the place, but her fur is real.

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