4 Coffee Hot Spots to Go Try Now

Whether you’re looking for hip simplicity, sophisticated infusions, science geekery or global travel, you’ll find it at these four newish local coffeehouses—and, of course, a high quality craft brew.

The local caffeine scene continues to thrive. Some of the latest coffee hot spots offer a little something for everyone, whether you’re carrying out a cup or settling into a comfy couch for long conversations or cozy contemplation. And Blank Coffee | Food doubles as a foodie’s delight—but I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a rundown of four of our favorites.

Blank Coffee | Food

The Scene: With careful attention to service, quality and design, a lot of inspiration comes from Japanese hospitality and aesthetics. A smooth, uncomplicated experience. “We want to help start your day really good,” says co-owner Alex Baum. “That’s what we’re about.”

Regulars’ Favorites: The One & One: a double shot of espresso split between a macchiato and a single shot. For food, toast with a variety of toppings: capicola, egg, arugula, Brie, marinated tomato and paprika

Don’t Miss: With rotating coffees and housemade doughnuts, new visitors should try a batch brew and ask for a doughnut recommendation; creme brulee and triple chocolate are popular.

Where to Find It:
600 South 21st Street, Suite 150

13 Trees Coffee Co.

13 Trees Coffee Co.
Photo Courtesy of 13 Trees Coffee Co.

The Scene: A carryout, Manitou shop with outdoor seating, the small building houses a laboratory of sophisticated brewing equipment. Focused solely on coffee, 13 Trees specializes in butter-infused roasts that cut the acidity and bitterness—and can be purchased whole bean or in K-Cups. “Fair trade, organic ingredients…no ‘unpronounceables’ here,” says co-owner William Brewer (yep, it’s his real name).

Regulars’ Favorites: The CBD-infused coffee is the shop’s biggest seller.

Don’t Miss: The made-from-scratch creamers, with flavors like caramel, Irish and Tahitian vanilla.

Where to Find It:
306 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs

Wayfinder Coffee Co.

Wayfinder Coffee Co.
Photo Courtesy of Wayfinder Coffee Co.

The Scene: “We want to be a stop on your daily journey,” says co-owner Megan Libby. With furnishings that evoke travel and world markets, the comfortable space highlights the global reach of coffee. Pastries are made in-house, and include croissants and quiche.

Regulars’ Favorites: A subtlety sweet drink with nutty undertones called Spice Road, a nod to the trade routes between Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Don’t Miss: The affogato: vanilla ice cream topped with espresso, and flavors that include hazelnut and cinnamon. For non-coffee drinkers, there are loose-leaf teas. Keep your eyes peeled for new evening hours with wine, beer and small bites.

Where to Find It:
6140 Austin Bluffs Parkway

Inertia Coffee Company

Inertia Coffee
Photo Courtesy of Inertia Coffee.

The Scene: The veteran-owned roastery began in 2015 and moved to its 8th Street location last year. The name comes from Newton’s First Law—because coffee will keep you moving or at rest. Drinks here have science-related names, such as Large Hadron Col-Cider, Carmel Sagan and Tesla’s Transmission, and the staff aims for personal chemistry. “We…strive to know each customer that comes through our door,” says Joanna Derheimer, co-owner.

Regulars’ Favorites: The most popular drinks are the White Dwarf (white mocha with spiced brown sugar) and Curiosity (spicy chai with white chocolate). Sourced from local bakeries, the most popular pastries are scones, cinnamon rolls and gluten-free peanut butter cookies.

Don’t Miss: First time visitors, try the house coffees—always free samples.

Where to Find It:
406 S. 8th Street, Suite B

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