People’s Choice: Best Sushi Restaurants in Colorado Springs

YOUR picks for the Best Sushi Restaurants in the Springs. See the poll winners and compare with our favorites.

It’s no secret that Colorado is landlocked. Your fish isn’t going immediately from the ocean to your plate in Colorado Springs, but you can still get some great sushi. Since the 1990s, sushi restaurants in all parts of the Springs have proliferated. You can thank fresher, faster fish suppliers and the city’s continually growing dining scene. But how are they all and which Colorado Springs sushi restaurants stand out? We put our aficionado on the case of determining his picks for the best sushi in town. You can read about them at 8 of the Best Spots for Sushi in Colorado Springs. But we also wanted to know your favorite sushi restaurants — who the People’s Choice Best Sushi Restaurants are.

So we took a poll. Voters could choose from all of our picks or write in their own favorite. And now the people have spoken. Most of the winners came from our list, but three additional spots broke into the Top 10 as write-ins: Sushi Ato in Northgate, Sushi Spot at 8th Street and Highway 24, and Sushi O Sushi in the Cheyenne Mountain area. Here are all the People’s Choice Best Sushi in Colorado Springs winners:

1. Sushi Ai

2. Dozo Sushi

3. Jun Japanese (tie)

3. Sushi Ato (tie)

5. Sushi Row

6. Fujiyama (tie)

6. Sushi Spot (tie)

6. Yoo Mae (tie)

9. Sushi Ring

10. Sushi O Sushi

There were 11 other spots that received write-in votes for the best sushi in Colorado Springs, showing that there’s no shortage of options for sushi out there — and also proving that diners have a wide variety of opinions and tastes. If you still don’t see your favorite go-to spot or disagree with our picks and the People’s Choice picks, let us know. We’re always open for more yummy research. 

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Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones
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