Sasquatch Cookies: No Hoax

A ’Squatch at your door bearing warm, fresh-baked cookies? Yes, please!

Reported Sasquatch sightings around Pike National Forest date back to the 1800s. A Bigfoot crossing sign is posted along Pikes Peak Highway, and a wooden statue of the hairy hominid can be found near Crystal Reservoir. Now the large ape-like biped will deliver fresh-baked cookies to your door in the service of Sasquatch Cookies. No hoax!

Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, owners Kate Zweber and Brooke Orist receive anywhere from 20 to 60 orders a night, with a 15-mile delivery radius from downtown. From the comfort of your home, you can order the likes of chocolate chip (regular or gluten-free), snickerdoodle, birthday confetti, caramel macchiato and monster: loaded with peanut butter, M&Ms, chocolate chips and oats.

“The minimum order is a half dozen, and there is no maximum size,” Zweber says. “Our delivery time is up to 90 minutes, because we bake them fresh.” Of course, you can pre-order for a specific arrival time.

Fresh-baked cookie by Sasquatch Cookies.
Homemade cookies delivered by Sasquatch. Photo by Sasquatch Cookies.

The Sasquatch mascot ties to the mission to leave positive footprints on both the environment and peoples’ lives, through using eco-friendly packaging and no preservatives, and donating 10 percent of profits to local feeding projects. “Right now, it’s Springs Rescue Mission,” Orist says. “They do awesome work helping people get back on their feet.”

Plus, Bigfoot delivery is just plain fun. “Who doesn’t love a giant furry creature showing up at your door with fresh-baked goodies?” Zweber says.

Watch for a possible brick-and-mortar storefront later this year. For now, find them at 

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