Big Ideas: Top Level Health Care for Kids at Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs

Most exciting about the new Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs is, unequivocally, the opportunity to bring a Top 10-rated level of care that will keep kids in Colorado Springs for acute medical care. It is really going to be a differentiator in this community. I am not talking about a fancy building—I am talking about an environment that is focused on the child and his or her family to allow them the most appropriate environment to get better.

Kids are not small adults. When it comes to medical treatment, kids necessitate a different level of technology, a different spectrum of medical supplies, and different levels of emotional and sometimes spiritual support. We already have great care teams proving that in Colorado Springs. This new hospital will allow them to come together in a facility that enables them to practice at the top of their scope.

It will also serve as a rallying point for the community. As more people are moving here, they want to know that their community has a hospital dedicated to caring for children. It will help draw talent here for other businesses, as well as continue to attract pediatric medical talent that is among the best in the country. But this new hospital is not just a win for our community—it is what our kids deserve.

—Greg Raymond, Regional Vice President of Colorado, Children’s Hospital Colorado

By the Numbers

5 levels

8 operating rooms

31 emergency exam rooms

40+ pediatric specialists

Jeremy Jones
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