Big Ideas for Colorado Springs: Torch Burns for the U.S. Olympic Museum

The Springs is a city on the rise. And plans for a U.S. Olympic Museum is in the works.

U.S. Olympic Museum

The long-lauded U.S. Olympic Museum is coming to a reality near you. With officials securing final funding as this issue headed to press, it’s entirely possible ground will have been broken by the time you’re reading this. It is truly a big idea coming to fruition. Here’s a snapshot of the museum and its potential impact on Olympic City USA.

1.7 acres

A jewel of urban renewal at Vermijo Avenue and Sierra Madre Street, the museum will provide a gateway and an anchor to connect America the Beautiful Park with the blossoming New South End of downtown.

60,000 square feet

The iconic building will house 20,000 square feet of exhibit space, a state-of-the-art theater, gift shop, cafe, broadcast studio, atrium and the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.

$75 million

The project cost to build comes from private donations, bonds issued by the Urban Renewal Authority and a bank loan that will be repaid with committed sales tax revenues from the Colorado Economic Development Commission.

Target for opening: 2019

As of 2020: Now Open!

City for Champions

The four-pronged initiative received approval through the Regional Tourism Act in 2013 and the includes the U.S. Olympic Museum, Gateway Visitor Center at the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at UCCS and the Colorado Sports and Events Center. Projections for the economic impact on the city and region include:

5,100 estimated new jobs

1.2 million total visitors per year

500,000 new out-of-state visitors

$2 million new sales tax revenue for El Paso County

$4.4 million new sales tax revenue for the city

$140 million increase in retail sales

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Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones is Springs’ co-founder, editorial director and chief outdoor officer. He loves building community by telling stories about all the people, places and culture that make Colorado Springs an amazing place to live. And he’s especially stoked when exploring new places in the Springs, Colorado and beyond. Watch for him hiking, running or mountain biking the local trails with his wife and kids.

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