13 Local Fitness Classes You Didn’t Know Existed

Break your normal fitness routine and indulge in some new funky classes. Yes, we mean goat yoga, pole dance roller skating, and yoga with beer.

Tired of your typical workout routine? What if we told you that there are tons of other fun and unique fitness classes in Colorado Springs that you might not know about? From aerial yoga to pole dancing in roller skates, read on for a list of 13 local fitness classes that will help shake up your usual routine.

Acro Yoga @ City Rock

Combine yoga and acrobatics with a partner at City Rock. It’s perfect for people who want to build strength, flexibility and have fun. 


Aerial Yoga @ Yogafied

Find your weightless-feeling flow in a silk hammock. Aerial Yoga is a fun and challenging way to experience yoga and you don’t need any prior experience to try it.

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Agility X @ Flipshack Gymnastics Fitness

A mix of gymnastics, parkour and general fitness that includes handstands, rolling, flipping and vaulting.


Aqua Zumba @ VillaSport

This water-based fitness class offers all of the benefits of traditional Zumba, but you get to shake it in a pool instead of in a studio.


Bar(Re) Bound @ Barre Forte

All the fun of the trampoline plus the benefits of barre, these classes use the rebounding power of a trampoline to help you tone your body and increase your flexibility. You’ll have a blast while getting in great shape. 


Beer Yoga @ Yoga and Brews

This unique spin on the traditional practice combines the two things we love most: beer and yoga. Of course, a pint is included in these brewery-based sessions.


AMP Cycling @ Lifetime Fitness

Whether you’re a first-time cyclist or a seasoned rider, you’ll have fun at this high-energy cycling session. Pedal to the beat, and move to the groove. Expect dance-club strobe lights.

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Ganja Yoga @ Secret Stash Yoga

Roll more than your mat in a cannabis-infused session.


Goat Yoga @ Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga

Put some farm life in your practice for fun and baamaste. During a class, you can expect to be joined by one or more goats who will wander around and interact with participants. 


Hole in One Fitness @ Springs Pilates & Peak Golf Fitness

Hit longer, stronger drives or just improve your flexibility and alignment in this 12-week program.


Meowmaste Kitten Yoga @ Happy Cats Haven

What’s cuter than kittens pouncing around your Downward Dog? Watch for this occasional event at the nonprofit cat rescue.


RollerPole @ Pole Revolution

Grab a set of wheels and get ready for a high-energy workout that combines the best of roller skating and pole dancing, giving you an intense cardio and strength session while also helping improve your balance and flexibility. 


Werk Yer Twerk @ Fit Body and Pole

Leave the pole behind and shake and pop your booty as you learn a twerk routine.


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