Five Craft Coffee Favorites

Take your caffeinated elixir to a whole new level with these local coffeehouse specialties.

Amid the doldrums of winter-even Colorado has its bleak days-there is always that pick-me-up of a warm, caffeinated cup of delight. Yet the jolt of legal stimulant need not come from a sugar-bomb. Thankfully, many local options extend beyond the gingerbread-peppermint-mocha-with-extra-sprinkles. Venture out to try a few of these favorites, and make your winter better for it.

building three coffeeEvergreen Latte
Building Three Coffee

The creation of such an unusual drink was a joint effort that began with barista Miah Bosill. “I had said that I would love to have a pine tree in a drink,” she says. Now you can. Made of cardamom and evergreen branches, the latte is not overbearing. “You get a nice hint of pine, and think, Wow, I’m in the forest,” Bosill says. Just like she’d originally imagined.

Find It: Lincoln Center, 2727 N. Cascade Ave.,

Brown Sugar Cappuccinoswitchback coffee roasters
Switchback Coffee Roasters

“We’ve been doing this drink since the cafe’s been open,” says barista Charlie Claus. “It’s really nutty, buttery and blends well with our new Golden Age espresso.” The brown sugar syrup is “simply brown sugar and water,” she explains. “If you want to eventually dive into espresso, this drink is a good way to ease in. You can go small, like a cortado, or big, like a latte.”

Find It: Shooks Run, 330 N. Institute St.,


loyal coffee

Cardamom Latte
Loyal Coffee Co.

“We’re trying to make people happy,” says Seth Fuller, co-owner and creator of Loyal’s Cardamom Latte-a signature drink composed of cardamom, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. For those looking for a comparable alternative to the pumpkin spice lattes, Loyal’s cardamom will likely please. “It was developed to be warming, spiced and pleasant,” Fuller says. The perfect winter elixir.

Find It: Downtown, 408 S. Nevada Ave.,

Siphon Prepared Costa Ricar&r coffee
R&R Coffee

R&R is the best place to get great coffees brewed via a siphon system-a brewing method originating in the mid-19th century that visually recalls a science experiment. Owner Ryan Wanner has been siphoning for seven years and is a vocal proponent. “It’s the cleanest cup you will find,” he says. “Siphoning allows the natural flavor of the bean to shine through the cup.” This particular Costa Rica sings winter goodness with notes of bakers chocolate and mandarin orange.

Find It: Black Forest, 11424 Black Forest Rd.,

1979 coffee

Hot Chocolate
1979 Coffee

Veteran barista and manager of the newly opened 1979 cafe, Paul Brueggemann is the creator of this deceptively simple hot chocolate drink. “I combine vanilla syrup with a Ghirardelli chocolate powder to make the sauce,” he says. The drink is so popular, it’s been selling out. Perhaps the $1.50 price tag also helps. “Because [Woodmen Valley Chapel] owns the building, I don’t have the overhead that a normal shop would have.” For that price, we’ll take two.

Find It: Rockrimmon, 240 E. Woodmen Rd.,

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