Frederic Deleyiannis, M.D., M.Phil., M.P.H.: Reconstructing Dignity

Microvascular Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with UCHealth Memorial Hospital

Dr. Frederic Deleyiannis is not one to shrink from a challenge when it comes to restoring dignity for the disfigured. Dr. D., as he’s commonly called, has constructed ears for children born without them and reconstructed a man’s face after a horrific grizzly bear attack. With a combination of highly specialized training in ENT surgery (specialized head and neck operations), microvascular surgery and plastic surgery, Deleyiannis has a unique skill set, for which he has been nationally recognized.

Microvascular procedures alone are done microscopically on blood vessels, some as tiny as one millimeter in diameter, often for replacing or reconstructing tissue, such as parts of the face, extremities or breasts that have been damaged by cancer or trauma. “My emphasis is on complex reconstruction,” Deleyiannis says. “Bringing patients back from the worst aspects of trauma and cancer.”

“Dr. Deleyiannis is one of the most brilliant doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working alongside,” says physician assistant-certified Paige Schwab. “He truly cares about his patients and their well-being. Many patients come to [him] searching for a surgical solution or because they have a history of previously failed care plans, but he doesn’t let that deter him. ”

“In the last couple years, the most rewarding success for me is our development of a comprehensive microvascular program at UCHealth for Colorado Springs,” Deleyiannis says. “We now can offer a wide range of reconstruction solutions to cancer and trauma patients here.”

Deleyiannis has also performed microtia reconstruction for malformed ears in Guatemala for 18 years with Children of the Americas and Children’s Hospital Colorado. “He is extraordinarily giving of his time, talent and compassion,” Schwab says.

“I think of medicine as unconditional good, something of unquestionable value,” Deleyiannis says. “I view my job as a duty and service to care for others; that means time and devotion. And it should be subtle—a hero is someone who goes beyond what others expect or require and offers hope and comfort.”

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