Home Sweet Homes: Buying Our First Home

The perfect home is all about who lives in it. Meet these first-time buyers—and step inside their just-right home.

First time home buyers plan to hold onto their first home in Wasson.
Photo by Allison Moix, Stellar Propeller Studio

Cameron and Allison Moix lived in a duplex in the Old North End for a year before they decided to buy their first home. Big fans of downtown, they wanted to stay centrally located and spend no more than $250,000.

Allison Moix
business owner and photographer

Cameron Moix
real estate agent

The Home
1,470-square feet
3 bedrooms, 2 baths

They quickly found that a seller’s market meant buyers were offering cash or thousands above asking price. So the couple decided to widen their search more eastward than they initially wanted.

In May 2018 they found a cozy 1956 ranch house near Circle and Constitution. Initially it felt like they had compromised on location, but they were pleasantly surprised.

A 1956 ranch house in Wasson area
Photo by Allison Moix, Steller Propeller Studio

The route to downtown is easy. Allison still bikes to her office on Tejon and walks to friends’ who have moved to the area as well. “Since we’ve been in the house, we’ve realized that it is still extremely central,” Cameron says. “And we’ve come to appreciate the neighborhood’s many charms and the wonderful neighbors.”

As they contemplated the house, Cameron liked the mature trees, and the house met Allison’s requirements. “I insisted I needed two toilets and a dishwasher,” she says. “And I got 1.5 baths (two toilets) and an 18-inch dishwasher, so God has a sense of humor.” They both appreciated some of the original design elements: the large front window, glass doors in the dining room, a copper lamp in the dining room that matches the copper hood over the stove, midcentury cabinets, and an open living and dining room.

An open dining and open living room lights up the ranch house
Photo by Allison Moix, Steller Propeller Studio

The house felt like home—despite the floor coverings. But they found hardwood beneath the baby blue carpet, and they’ve redone the pink carpet and pink tile in the half-bath. Insulation blown into the attic and future replacement of original aluminum windows will increase energy efficiency.

The kitchen in the 1956 ranch house with original design elements
Photo by Allison Moix, Stellar Propeller Studio

“Even when we outgrow it, I think we’d both like to hold on to it as an investment,” Cameron says, “and because it will always be our first house.”