How to Write a Better Dating Profile

    Do’s and don’ts for putting your best digital foot forward. Because you only get one chance to get swiped right.

    While you might spend all of your time swiping right, that doesn’t mean the person on the other side of the screen is doing the same for you. Or maybe you’re getting plenty of matches on your favorite dating app, but the dates are going horribly. Maybe you’ve got a real case of “It’s not you; it’s me”—as in your dating profile. But there are simple ways to improve your online dating profile and increase your odds of matching with more potential dates who you may actually want to date. Here are a few quick tips to take your profile to the next level.

    Have at least one photo of just you.

    Have you ever been on a date, and the person who showed up for drinks was a completely different person than who was displayed in their profile? I have. But I wasn’t deceived. There were two men in every single photo since they were all group shots. Because there were no individual photos, I assumed the person I was meeting was his pictured friend, not him. Oops. Luckily I was still attracted to the person, but you can see how this could have gone very wrong. And let’s be honest, in a quick swipe app, we’re picking who to date  primarily from their photos.

    Keep your photos current.

    So that shot from your road trip last summer? Totally fine. But the one from spring break—in college—six years ago? Uh, no. It’s important that the photos in your profile are accurate. This may seem shallow, but no one likes to be deceived. Whether you’ve gained or lost weight, dyed or cut your hair, or even changed your personal style, the authenticity of your appearance matters. Part of dating apps is finding a person you’re physically attracted to, and chances are your date picked you because they thought the person in the photos was attractive. Don’t waste their time—or yours—if you don’t look like the you in your photos.

    Proofread your profile.

    OK, so it’s up to you what type of person you want to attract. But if you’re looking to connect with intelligent, professional, thoughtful people, then run spell-check and read back through your info. Spelling errors and bad grammar might just be enough to convince a person to swipe left. Take the extra minute to look over your profile, or have a friend take a look for you.

    Don’t forget the details.

    What information matters to you when you’re checking new suggested matches? Include that in your own profile. Got hobbies? Mention them. List the type of music you like or come clean that your fur-baby rules your house. If you hope to attract a partner who likes the outdoors, include a picture of yourself rock climbing or list your own favorite activities. If you enjoy drinking, it’s not weird to have a photo with a cocktail. If you have children, mention that fact—it’s an important part of your life and important for a potential partner to know. The more details you include, the more likely you’ll get better matches.

    Be honest.

    This is the most important advice there is when it comes to a dating profile. Lying is the worst way to start a relationship, and it’s easy to weed out the people who won’t accept you for certain criteria by including those traits, activities, interests or preferences in your profile. If you’re just looking for a hookup, say so. If you only want a serious relationship, write that. By being honest in your profile, you can avoid future conflicts and uncomfortable situations—and you can improve your chances of finding that special someone.

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