Local Cheers for Your New Year’s

Local mixologist Nate Windham of Brooklyn's on Boulder Street serves some exclusive cocktail recipes to start your new year.

New Year’s Eve often calls for a night on the town, but there comes a time when the most fun is found in your living room. For that, we’re bringing back these two original New Year’s Eve cocktail recipes created by mixologist Nate Windham, former bartender at Brooklyn’s on Boulder Street, exclusively for Springs back in 2015. These classic cocktails won’t go out of style. Cheers!

AdAmAn Cocktail 

AdAmAn new year's eve cocktail recipes
The AdAmAn cocktail. Photo by Bryce Crawford.

Built using all Colorado Springs ingredients in honor of the brave souls who trek to the top of Pikes Peak every New Year’s since 1922 to give the city a special welcome to the new year.

1 ½ oz. Lee Spirits Gin

½ oz. 291 Decc

½ oz. Schmidt Apiaries Orange Blossom Honey syrup

1 ½ oz. Principal’s Office Ginger Beer

Prepare a syrup using the Orange Blossom Honey by mixing 2 parts honey with 1 part near-boiling water. Stir until honey is dissolved in water. Then pour gin, Decc and honey syrup together into a shaker and add ice. Shake until cold, and strain into a chilled martini glass. Fill with ginger beer.

New Year’s Cocktail

new year's eve cocktail recipes
New Year’s Cocktail. Photo by Bryce Crawford.

Forget the straight Champagne. Spice up your bubbly with citrus.

1 oz. Applejack

½ oz. Licor 43

2 dashes Fee Brothers Orange Bitters

1 dash Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters

1-2 ozs. high-quality Champagne

Stir Applejack, 43, and bitters together with ice until cold, and strain into a chilled, stemmed glass. Fill with Champagne, and garnish with a lemon twist.


Originally published Dec. 20, 2015. 

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