Sexy Cocktails and Where to Find Them

Sensual and suave, these local mixed drinks help set the mood.

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to cocktails. Some people want a boozy drink to help them loosen up, while others prefer a flirtatiously sweet cocktail to wet their whistle. Of course, ambiance can make a difference in how romantic things get. Whether it’s a first date or your weekly date night, these cocktails will get the night going—just where it goes is entirely up to you.

The Duke

Cowboy Star

Luxury can make almost anything sexy. This cocktail is made with just three ingredients, but the presentation is intricate and can make anyone feel lavish. The Duke is made with Absolut Elyx vodka, Lillet (a type of vermouth) and a dash of grapefruit bitters. “It’s like silk in your mouth. It really has no sharpness, no edges,” says Jennifer Windom, assistant general manager.

Served in a martini glass with a carafe and house-made gelatin shot sitting in a copper cup on the side, it is impressive. Plus it’s potent, so sip slowly if you don’t want to find yourself coming on too strong.

The Dirty Colorado

The Wobbly Olive

Some like sweet, but for others, the savory cocktail is what feels sensual. The Wobbly Olive’s signature dirty vodka martini is served in a stemless martini glass and is made with just vodka and olive brine.

Ordering a simple martini speaks of classic sophistication, but it’s easy to make the rookie mistake of ordering one too many. If you’re on a first date, it might be best to switch to something less potent after that first cocktail to avoid a buzz that’s a little too strong.

Ouray Seizure

Axe and the Oak

cocktails ouray seizure, axe and the oak
Ouray Seizure, Axe and the Oak Whiskey House

The drinks alone are cause for a visit to Axe and the Oak, but the dim lighting, wood accents and candlelit tables double down with a seductive atmosphere. Sip on the Ouray Seizure while you listen to one of the live bands that perform most nights.

The drink is made with housemade vanilla bourbon, lemon juice, maple nutmeg syrup, egg whites and is topped with a housemade absinthe bitters garnish. “It’s a pretty luxurious cocktail,” says bar manager Alejandro Sanchez.

But be warned: The cocktail is very anise forward, so if black licorice isn’t something you enjoy, you might be better off with a tobacco old-fashioned or mint julep.

Urban Garden


A clean, fresh cocktail, Shuga’s Urban Garden looks as appealing as it tastes. It’s made with gin, tonic, basil, cucumber and lime, and is served in a highball glass lined with paper thin cucumbers that stay surrounding the cup.

Imagine leaning in close to whisper to your partner, while paper swans float above you. Or during the summer, sit on the patio where you’re surrounded by twinkling lights and can easily see the stars in the sky. Toast to the bloom of a young or rekindled love.

Wedding Cake Martini

The Bistro on 2nd, Monument

cocktails wedding cake martini, bistro on 2nd
Wedding Cake Martini, The Bistro on 2nd

The hint of wedding bells can have a sexy ring to it—especially if you or your someone has been itching to pop the question. At the Bistro on 2nd, the Wedding Cake Martini takes you there with almond, marzipan flavors. Made with Pearl Wedding Cake vodka, amaretto and a splash of half-and-half, the cocktail is sugary, but perfect if you have a sweet tooth after dinner.

“I’d recommend ordering bananas Foster with it. We make it tableside,” owner Rick Velliquette says.

If you’re too full for dessert too, the Wedding Cake Martini is similar to eating the frosting off of a layer cake, so order it alone.

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